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 Turtle Guard Work and Several Options!


This videos simply goes over several options you have from the turtle guard. The one mistake that many people do when they find themselves in this position is they just sit there! They sit and wait for the inevitable! There is absolutely little to no movement on the bottom individuals part. No activity what so ever! I like to teach my guys to be just as active on the bottom in a disadvantaged position as you are on top or playing a guard! Turn a defensive position into an offensive position. Attack when most defend! When I teach my classes, I take the shot gun method. I don’t teach a lot of technique per class, however I do show plenty of options from the same . The way I look at it is… if you go in with one attack and one attack only, it gets stuffed, blocked, countered, or reversed, then what do you do? I like my guys to always have a back up plan for everything they do. It’s the same exact approach Greg Jackson takes with his guys when developing their game plans. It must work! Look at his camp and their successes. So, without further adieu, Turtle Guard Work and Several Options!


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