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Hello my friends!

I’m writing you to show you guys some pictures and to share the news that I have just fought and won the 2008 European Tournament fighting one weight class above mine. To make it even better I won the current Brazilian National Champion (CBJJ) and current World Champion (CBJJE) of this weight class.

Also I want to invite you guys to check the www.BrazilianBlackBelt.com web page and see how it has a new look on it….let me know what you guys think (you can leave a comment) as we are still testing many things.

Best regards, Felipe

PS: Thanks to Sammy Hämäläinen from Finland for taking the pictures

Here are the pictures, if you can not see, please click on those 2 links:

1) http://www.brazilianblackbelt.com/watch_news.php?idArticles=765

2) http://www.brazilianblackbelt.com/watch_news.php?idArticles=766

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