Fight Girls Episodes 4 and 5 recaps

Fight Girls Episodes 4 and 5 recapsFight Girls Episode #4

If you thought Master Toddy would go easy on the girls who fought their way to Thailand, think again! Master Toddy makes sure the women donÕt forget their opponents are training hard to make sure they achieve a Thai victory, making them drill their front kicks and elbows blindfolded and on dried leaved. “We’re going to bring the axe to Thailand,” he says referring the vicious elbow throws he teaches the fighters. In this episode Michelle is set to fight Ardra. The women are very close but both know as soon as the bell sounds off in the ring their friendship will be temporarily put on hold as they do battle to fight their way to prove their skills in the world capital of Muay Thai. Both women have their familyÕs come to support them. Ardra brings her daughter to see the fight Girls house and talks endearingly about her goal to continue being a positive influence in her life. “I want to be the women she wants to be,” she says. Michelle’s mom comes to visit and intends to fully support her daughter but Master Toddy feels she is putting to much pressure on her. As he notices her mom trying to instill some confidence in her he states, “Michelle’s mom is telling her the same thing over and over again, Michelle doesn’t need to be reminded that she will do well.” Meanwhile as the girls go bowling to get out of the house they take the time to do some Miriam bashing calling her inconsiderate and selfish for a slew of reasons including her lack of consideration in allowing the rest of the women fridge space to her seemingly constant, random guests. It’s a days before the fight and Michelle takes some time to meditate with her mother while Ardra, whose a Las Vegas native, goes home to visit her family and all agree they will attend her fight to show their love and support. On Fight day Master Toddy believes it will be a close fight. “Ardra’s body kicks are very powerful, but Michelle’s face kicks can be devastating,” he says. Ardra has Gina on her corner and encourages her to use her right hand and go for a knock out. Being brutally defeated in Thailand before, Ardra wants another chance to prove herself. With Lisa on Michelle’s corner suggesting she use a stick & move technique and maintain a safe distance, she feels this fight is destined to be a part of her life journey.

Fight In the first round Michelle dominates early on with a few right hands and front kicks but toward the end Ardra redeems herself throwing some combos and a vicious right hand. By the second round Ardra proved to be more powerful as she defends against her kicks by taking her down and going for more of her cruel combos. Just before the end of the third round both fighters landed a few punches, but the judges ruled unanimously in favor Ardra. Ardra’s Family was ecstatic and Michelle is proud of herself for not holding back. “I know I have a future Champion (in Michelle),” says Master Toddy. “She lost this fight but she won a lot of people’s hearts.”

Fight Girls Episode #5

If you though Master Toddy would go easy on the girls that Fought their way to Thailand, Think again! This time he has them bleeding making them crawl on their elbows and later making them drill their elbow throws on dummies. Before long all women leave their faux training partners drenched in their blood. In this episode we got to see Miriam, the resident “problem child,” open up about her troubled past and, yet again, get to see more Miriam bashing from the other women. Miriam reveals the problems she’s had with drug use, foster care, and her abandonment by her Father, explaining Muay Thai was what saved her life. “How you train is how you are in life,” she says. After going out on a date one night and not coming home until the next morning, the women find it necessary to let her know of her selfish and inconsiderate ways. “I guess you’re just the special one in the group, It’s the Miriam show!” says Dawn, angrily. The women were fed up and when it was announced she would be fighting Jennifer, it was obvious who the house was rooting for. It seems Miriam also wanted to stir things up during training as she gasses out and has to sit out due to lack of eating. Later Master Toddy verbally reprimands all of the fighters reminding them of their opponents over seas and their determination for Thai victory. After training Jennifer decides to stay a while longer to drill some body shots that help keep her elbows in. Days before the fight Master Toddy says the fight will be very personal because itÕs obvious the girls donÕt like each other. He predicts Jennifer will do well with her vicious left hand but Miriam had over all more fighting experience. Lisa is set to corner MiriamÕs fight and is concerned with all the added pressure she has to face at the Fight Girls house. Miriam reveals to Lisa that she is fresh back into Muay Thai after a hiatus from boxing. Gina is set to corner Jennifer and suggests she pace herself and not go into the fight with her signature brawl technique, reminding her that Miriam is an experienced fighter with 8 years of Muay Thai. Jennifer also has her family and son by her side while Miriam is left with only her inner strength to support her. Fight

Jennifer dominated initially with a good right, but Miriam is noticeably breaking her down with her great face kicks and combos. In Round two Miriam savagely delivers knees to both the body and face along with a few right hands. By round three her boxing experience became apparent landing her right hand a few times and continuing to pummel Jennifer with her devastating knees. The judges ruled a split decision in favor of Miriam.

Despite all of the demons and hardships Miriam had to face both internally and in the house, she managed to pull off a great victory and a ticket to fight against the best Thailand has to offer. “I did what I needed to do,” she says, seemingly content. She never let anything get in the way of Master Toddy saying those magical words: “Welcome to the Lion Heart Gym. You will fight in Thailand”

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