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>>>I would like to take a moment and thank all the fighters and loyal fans for >your support over the past 11- years. We took a year off to restructure our >events and now we our back. Please take a look at our website for our >upcoming events.>>2006 Season>>The 2006 season will be the best season we have ever had, with new up & >coming fighters signing up to compete every day. We have added a page to >our site that allows fighters to sign up online; this eliminates the hassle >of mailing the forms and waiting on them to be returned.>>Pay Scale>>We are very excited to announce that our pay scale has greatly increased >for our tournaments. We have the highest pay scale in Indiana for amateur & >semi pro fighters.>>Past & Present Fighters Compete in the Big Leagues>>Over the years we have had some very talented fighters that competed at our >events, These fighters are now as well as some in the past are fighting for >Pride, UFC, King of the Cage as well as other events.>>Championship Belts>>We have decided to increase the number of times we put the belt on the line >for each weight division as well as tournaments. Anyone can win a belt; it >takes a real champion to keep it! Do you have what it takes?>>>> New Features & Services>>>>>You will notice we have added a few extra services to fighters & promoters. >These services range from fighter management to custom printed ring/cage >canvas. We are also introducing our new line of fighter trading cards; >these trading cards will only feature the fighters who compete at our >events. At the end of the 2006 season we will be releasing a new book, this >book will also feature fighters that compete for us. This book will be a >behind the scenes look at what goes into a MMA/NHB event, the daily life of >all the fighters, as well as the life of the staff and promoters. This book >will have full page color photos of fighters and there bios. This is very >exciting for us as well as for all the fighters that will be featured in >the book.>>>>Thank you,>J. Evans (Owner, Fighter & Promoter)>>Please send this email to everyone you know, we are still seeking fighters >to fill events for the upcoming 2006 season. Remember all athletes who >compete will be featured in our book as well as our trading cards.

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