Fighters Uncaged interview with Steve Masters of

I was recently hired to demo "Fighters Uncaged" at a preview event for Ubisofts X-Box 360 Kinect line up. I wan’t supposed to do the interview but I was jumped by Steve Masters and a camera crew. It is a fairly interesting game, felt like the old Punch Out title  but motion controlled and Muay Thai based. Not really a button masher at all, even if it had buttons to mash. You have to be strategic and find the weakness of your opponent. No multiplayer which is a huge letdown. Also if you know any actual kick-boxing the game gets a little confused about what you are doing, and either does nothing or throws the wrong strike. Once you learn how to throw the kick how it wants you to, it gets pretty fun, and is a good workout. I ended up having to demo the game for 5 hours and I was crazy sore the next day, basically 5 hours of shadow boxing.  Still it was a fun little gig, getting paid to play a video game.


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