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Fightgirls Season 2 on the Oxygen Network Tuesdays at 10:30Fight Girls Episode One

At last women are slowly but surely being welcomed into the Main stream Fight community. Fight Girls which airs on the Oxygen Channel Tuesdays at 10:30pm chronicles 10 normal women on a quest to fight their way to Muay Thai glory. Each week a pair of women will fight each other to compete against the best Thailand has to offer, chronicling their extensive training under the legendary Master Toddy, who has produced over 40 male and female Muay Thai champions. The series was launched by introducing the fighters and their diverse walks of life. Felice, 22, is an aesthetician by day, holds three impressive Muay Thai titles. Ardra, 32, a single mother of one. Dawn, 24, is an honors premed who graduated with honors from UNLV. Gina, 26, is an MMA trainer who co-owns a gym with her husband. Kerry, 25, is married to UFC Fighter Brandon Vera. Jeanine, 24, is a Stanford University division 1 water polo star. Jennifer, 26, works for her family owned business in Lodi California. Lisa, 26, is a teacher from Queens New York. Michelle, 21, is a waitress at Hooters with an extensive background in both Thai dancing and martial arts. Miriam, 30, is an aspiring psychic with a tendency to not get along well with other women and in this episode, it seemed obvious. In the series’ first episode the women meet and greet and settle into their living arrangements in a beautiful Las Vegas Mansion. Within the first night Miriam beckons Felice at 4am the morning of their first training session to notify her that she regrets choosing Felice as her roommate and inevitably a bit of a scarp of words ensues. The women then are introduced to their Mentors Gina Carano, a gorgeous 25 year old native with a Muay Thai fight record of 12-1-1 and Lisa King, a beautiful 34 year old business woman with an extensive career in both Muay Thai and Marketing. Throughout most of the episode we are allowed a glimpse into the harsh world of training under Master Toddy and quickly the women learn this is both the best and most arduous training. In no time the first elimination bout is determined and Toddy proclaims Felice will be facing Gina in the season’s first fight. Gina seems very confident in her determination to come out victorious over Felice despite her injured foot while Felice continues to deal with a minor spat with Miriam and attempts to cut weight before her fight. Come fight night Felice proves to be the best as she dominates the fight with fierce front kicks and punches.

Fighter Girls Episode 2

The Girls are finally allowed to let lose in the city of sin after Felice’s triumphant return to the house and for many of them, it seemed, the leisure was long over due. They enjoyed a night out on the town enjoying drinks and dancing while showcasing their impressive dance moves and apparently going a little over board on the drinking. On this episode Jeanine and Dawn are chosen to go against each other in Muay Thai battle and Jeanine is told to cut 13 pounds four days before the fight. Many can agree that such weight loss in such little time is quite a feat and Jeanine it seems, wanted to let everyone know through over-dramatically proclaiming her woes in depleting her food intake. Dawn took this opportunity to strategically showcase her culinary skills whipping up chocolate chip cookies and maliciously eating them as Jeanine walked by. Fortunately for Jeanine, Dawn’s attempts of sabotage through baked goods proved futile as she made weight and they underwent a very exciting and close show of combat. Jeanine landed some brutal front kicks and Dawn retaliated with the same. Both women it seemed mimicked each other’s strategy pummeling each other in relatively the same way. Punch for punch and leg kick for leg kick, the first two bouts were impossible to call, but the last allowed for the obvious victor. Dawn came through with impressive kicks and violent punches and it was evident she was more hungry for the spot to compete against the best in Thailand.

Fight Girls Episode #3

It seems that when you pin 10 women together in a household, cattiness will inevitably ensue. This episode was downer as the women decide to keep from letting their fists do the talking and start talking bad about each other. As the women grew closer together, Miriam fell back into her infamous ways and isolated herself from the group, and comments on the how many of the girls cheered for Dawn in the previous fight, but this was the last thing on their mind as they prepared for yet another elimination fight. This week Kerry and Lisa were on the chopping block and almost instantly it seemed Lisa was obviously apprehensive about fighting having only had 3 fights under her belt. She worked tremendously on her cardio with fellow fighter Jennifer running for miles on the treadmill. Kerry however was ecstatic about fighting and had Felice on her side giving her back rubs and moral support. She later had her husband, UFC fighter Brandon Vera join in on her training sessions. Lisa stated her jealousy in Kerry having her husband at her side and wished she too could have the company of her loved ones from Queens. It came down to fight night and both women were eager to display their fierce athleticism. Kerry completely conquered the fight forcing Lisa against the ropes with vicious punches while Lisa only capitalizing as they were caught in a clinch with weak knees. Kerry connected time and time and time again with her jabs and punches and Lisa only landed a few leg kicks. It was obvious by the end of round 3 Kerry was headed to Thailand.

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