Fighting for Kidz

Fighting for KidzAugust 30, 2008Following in the footsteps of fellow elite Juijitsu competitors Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza and Marcelo Garcia, 7x world champion Andre Galvao stepped into the cage for the first time Saturday night to make his pro MMA debute. Standing opposite of Galvao was Strikeforce and ShoXC veteran Jeremiah Metcalf (9-4); although Galvao would be walking into the cage with a ton of grappling experience Metcalf would be a tall task for the JJ World Champion. As the bell would sound for round one Metcalf would come out aggressive with his strikes landing a hard right and a knee that would put Galvao down just seconds into the fight. Galvao would show a lot of heart in weathering the early storm of Metcalf before getting back to his feet and attempting to slug it out with his opponent. Using his strikes Galvao would set up the takedowns and put Metcalf on his back several times throughout the fight. To Metcalf’s credit though he would either be able to reverse Galvao or stand up after the takedown each time the fight hit the floor. Going into the second however Metcalf would begin to show signs of fatigue as his punches would start to slow and his defense against the takedown would weaken. Galvao seeing this would get the fight to the floor for the last time and eventually catch his opponent in an armbar forcing the tapout and giving Galvao his first professional win.

In the co main event of the night Body Shop team fighter Mychal Clark (6-3) would take a step up in competition as he would take on UFC HW veteran Mike Kyle (10-7-1). On the feet while Clark would use punches, back fist and elbows to attempt to take control of the fight it would be Kyle who would use his quicker and stronger punches to dictate the fight standing before taking it to the ground. Once on the ground Kyle would use the top position to set up his punches and elbows while Clark on the other hand would constantly fight off his back either to get to his guard or get back to his feet. As the bell would sound signaling the end of the fight though it would be Kyle’s hand that would be raised as the judges would see fit to award him the unanimous decision victory.

In what was an action packed battle of will Team Wildman fighter Bryan Baker (6-1) would take on TFA and WEC veteran Gary Padilla (8-2). Baker would come out strong using punches and knees to rock his opponent several times throughout the fight. Padilla on the other hand seeing Baker was quicker would go into wrestler mode and attempt to take his opponent down but would find himself being stonewalled on most shots he would take. Padilla at this point would change his game plan and start to brawl with his opponent as he would show a lot of heart in with standing Baker’s onslaught of strikes and land a few of his own before the bell would ring signaling the end of the fight. As they would announce the judges scores it would be Baker’s striking that would sway the judges in his favor awarding him the unanimous decision victory.

In a welterweight match up Team Quest and TUF alumni fighter Gabe Ruediger (11-4) would come off of a 9 month lay off to take on AKA team fighter Justin Wilcox (4-2). As the match would start it would be a combination of ring rust and Wilcox’s Sean Sherk style of fighting that would be too much for the UFC veteran. For 15 minutes Ruediger would just look to survive as Wilcox hit him constantly with jabs and overhand rights before taking the fight to the floor. Once on the ground Wilcox would keep top position and use elbows and punches to lump up and bloody his opponent. In the end it was no surprise the judges would award Wilcox the unanimous decision victory. In another dominating performance by another AKA team member Devin Clark would make his pro debut against FistSeries veteran Andrew Lang (0-1). Clark would come into this fight looking like a seasoned veteran of the sport as he would use the jab to set up some vicious right hands and hooks to the head and body that would have Lang on queer street on several occasions. Lang would hang tough and show he would posses an iron chin as he would continually fight his way out of a bad position using kicks and a few punches. Although Lang would hang in there for most of the fight the ref Cecil peoples would see him take enough punishment and would stop the contest less then a minute into the third round giving Clark the TKO victory.

Official Results

Dustin Rhodes def Vince Guzman via Submission (Triangle Choke) R1 0:33 Seth Dukin def Vanoscar Penvaroff via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) R1 1:01 Devin Clark def Andrew Lang via TKO ( Ref Stoppage) R3 0:19 Justin Wilcox def Gabe Ruediger via Decision (Unanimous) R3 5:00 Bryan Baker def Gary Padilla via Decision (Unanimous) R3 5:00 Mike Kyle def Mychal via Decision (Unanimous) R3 5:00 Andre Galvao def Jeremiah Metcalf Submission (Armbar) R2 2:05

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