FightWorks Interviews Chris Moriarty and Sim Go proudly presents the FightWorks Podcast! The top BJJ, Submission Grappling and MMA Podcast on the Net!A few weeks ago we had Brian Cimins, the President of Grapplers Quest come on the show and discuss the North American Abu Dhabi trials, which is a qualifier event for those submission grapplers who want to compete in the Abu Dhabi worlds, the most prestigious event in the world for no gi submission grappling. Today we’re going to speak with two of the winners of their respective weight classes from the North American trials, Simpson Go and Chris Moriarty.

Sim Go won the lightweight division (under 65 kilos or 143 lbs) and Chris Moriarty came away with the “W’ in the cruiserweight division (77-87kg or 169 lbs to and 191 lbs).

Both have been doing great this year, and in fact we spoke to Chris after he won a superfight in Virginia in Episode 25 of The Fightworks Podcast. You’ll be shocked at the level of analysis Chris does on his opponents, and the record keeping he does of his own grappling career.

For those not familiar with Simpson Go, he is a brown belt at Cobra Kai in Las Vegas under Marc Laimon and trains alongside another instructor, Jeff Glover. Jeff also was a guest here on The FightWorks Podcast on Episode 27 of the show. We will hear Sim talk about his final match at the ADCC North American trials where he wound up face to face with Jeff!

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