First Tournament – Poor Performance

My first Tounament is done, the USOPEN BJJ over the past weekend.  19 years had passed since I last competed in anything like a tournament.  As far as my performance, crapy would be the best term to use.  Choked out in under 2 minutes is not what I was planning.  It’s not the loosing, loosing does not matter to me.  In all the years I wrestled I posted as many losses (if not more) as I did victories and I have always said you learn more from your losses than you do from your victories.

The problem is all I can see is the obvious things I should have done…

Sprawl, why didn’t I sprawl.  Sprawling is not a new thing to me, it’s not something I learned new in BJJ, it’s a absolute basic tenant of wrestling – If someone shoots, Sprawl.  My apponent shot on me and I stood straight up and I tried to peal him off instead of sprawling.

Bridge, why did I only try to bridge twice.  In practice we work on bridging to set your apponent off balance in order to improve your position on the bottom and to move into guard.  I didn’t do that either.


Next tournament my goal is to not be choked out or submitted, if I loose by points or an advantage fine but I want to fight till the end of a match.

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