FIVE Grappling Announces FIVE+1 Grand Prix 2014

FIVE Grapling Grand-Prix

FIVE Grapling Grand-PrixFIVE Grappling Announces FIVE+1 Grand Prix 2014

On November 10th HISTORY WILL BE MADE, as 3 people will be given the opportunity in an amazing special event like never before. The next 3 winners of the Adult Male Absolute NoGi Expert divisions at the Texas 1 Open, Illinois 1 Open and the NAIC will be entered into a special Pro (FIVE +1) Man Round Robin. This event will feature 3 of Jiu-Jitsu’s top grapplers on the planet; Joao Assis, Roberto Cyborg Abreu & Keenan Cornelius. Who will be the other 3 that step up to join grapplings elite on the mats?

This will be a special 6 Man Round Robin with every competitor facing each other once under FIVE Grappling Pro Division Rules! The main prize of this division will be $10,000.00 and $25,000.00 overall.

Who will be the Grand Prix FIVE GRAPPLING Pro Champion?

In addition, this broadcast will feature all Adult Absolute Finals and 7 select Kids and Teens Finals held over from Saturday’s North American Invitational Championship (NAIC). It will be EPIC and we will see new stars announcing their arrival on the scene! Stay tuned for more details!!

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