Five Grappling’s Nevada 1 Open for Registration

Five Grappling is on the second tournament in as many months. They move on from California to Nevada as they make their way around the US. The first tournament provided some great competitors, but whoever wins here will face those winners and the rest at the end of the year. Five Grappling is making this more than one tournament experience, so if you can make it to Nevada head out there. But stay tuned as a tournament may be coming to a city near you.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu/Submission Grappling Competition for Kids & Adults, Male & Female

Be Sure To Register Early! The first 50 registrants get a FREE Ultra-Premium Hoodie

in addition to the FIVE Sports Bag:

  • Price: $105.00 for First Division ($90 until March 7th). Each additional Division is $20.00
  • All competitors receive a FIVE Sports Bag.
  • Tatami Fightwear is offering $500 Cash Prizes: PRIZES

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