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Great action in Submission Grappling, BJJ, MMA, plus instructionals from Kenny Florian!New DVDS in stock from Oaqueta, AFC and Kenny Florian!

3rd Etapa Ranking Estadual 2005 $19.95

Gulherme Madeira x Marco AurelioMarcelo dos Santos x Alan Rodrigo de MoraesFrederico Araujo x Joao Luis Chaves Jr.Muzio de Angelis x Gustavo GranhaFrederico Araujo x Valdonisio FreitasGuilherme Goraib x Alexandre PimentelGustavo Granha x Marcelo FreitasRogerio Roggio x Marcio PaixaoHermann Oliveira x Eduardo SoaresMuizo de Angelis x Marcelo Freitas

AbsoluteAlexandre Pimentel x Fabio NascimentoMuzio de Angelis x Marcelo Freitas

Supercopa de Rip Dorey 2005 $19.95

Super FightsAlexandre Baixinho x NigueWilhian Parrudinho x AritanoMateus Trindade x Eduardo SimoesEraldo Paes x Felipe BorgesMarcelo Brigadeiro x Antony ScalesLeonardo Chocolate x Alexandre Cafe

Pro Divisionsjony Eduardo x Jose aldoAlexandre Cacareco X Bruno BastosWalter Pinto x Marcos HenriqueIvanilson x Rodrigo DammRodrigo Damm x Leonardo Nogueira

AFC 11 – Absolute Fighting Championship 11 $19.95February 12, 2005Fort Lauderdale, FL

-Dennis Hallman vs. Rory Singer-Din Thomas vs. John Strawn-Charles McCarthy vs. Sean Sallee-Thiago Jambo vs. Luigi Fioravanti-Mikey Gomez vs. Carlo Praeter-Rafael Dias vs. Nardu Debra-Brian Geraghty vs. Rocky long

Kenny Florian Jiu Jitsu Seminar DVD $29.95

This amazing seminar takes the participant from the beginning of thematch to the tap, in fact, multiple taps. After the flow gets going,seminar topics include:

1. High percentage, low risk takedowns with the gi2. Passing Strategies3. Knee ride to the amber to baseball choke4. Mounted X Choke5. Back Choke with your own gi6. Sweeping7. Sitting Guard

and much more…

Kenny shares details on his ideas of Attack Order, Pressure, Angles,Tightness, and Application Timing – just to name a few. He alsoshares his training philosophy and ideas on successful Brazilian JiuJitsu.

Kenny Florian MMA Seminar DVD $29.95

This seminar demonstrates techniques that you wouldn’t normally learn at a typical BJJ school. You’ll learn takedowns, counters/defenses, reversals, submissions and various escapes from a variety of positions and scenarios. Kenny corrects the mistakes people make when trying to out these positions for the first time. There are replays in fast and slow motion for every move as well as competition footage of Kenny demonstrating many of these moves and positions.

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