Five Rules to Custom BJJ Gear

As many more people get into the world of selling Custom Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) gear there are some very important rules to follow to what you buy. While many people will scoff at these rules, the bottom line is that these come from On The Mat (OTM) and Built To Fight (BTF) have been in this business for nearly twenty years and all of this information comes from them and their experiences in custom and wholesale BJJ gear for the last two decades.

#5 Don’t Go Cheap
Custom and wholesale gear can have Gis that range a variety of prices but the bottom line is that cheap Gis will not get you repeat customers. Yes, you do not want the most expensive Gi but do not skimp on quality for the bottom line.
#4 Spend More To Make More
This goes back to the first rule, but the main idea is you have to put your money on the line to make a good amount in return. Do not expect to not have to fund your endeavor, because you will have to put your money on the line to make a profit. Once the profit starts rolling in you will have made your investment back already and work off profit.
#3 Convenience First
Make sure to have in stock what is needed. This means having the most common sizes, but also having the uncommon sizes as well for the gear. Yes, you may not sell the bigger sizes as rapidly as others, but you have to have those sizes because BJJ is not one size fits all. People from heavy to tiny train in this sport now, and you have to make sure they have the gear to get from you accordingly.
#2 Women and Kids
Do not forget about women and kids. Yes, the sport of BJJ gear is slowly infiltrating the world of women and children and they are another  market for you to cater to and profit off of. Even if the women and children you are selling to do not train that does not mean they cannot be a customer. Men will buy their kids, wives, and girlfriends T-shirts just to have them adorned in gear for their favorite sport. This is something to consider when buying custom and wholesale gear for you to sell yourself.
#1 Professional Gear Always
Once you are not a beginner you are going to want the best in gear. People are going to want variety as well, because there is a wide variety of light gis, heavier gis, strong gis, ripstop gis, and many other changes. You have to find what works for you clientele, because they are who are buying your custom or wholesale gear. So, the best way to make sure that your gear is professional is make sure they can make all the varieties of gis out there, because if they cannot they most likely do not know what they are doing.

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