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Denis Martins: Seems your lack of lucky left you with this victory over Luigi Fioravanti. Did you take off a weight of your shoulder with this victory since you were coming from two consecutive defeats?

Forrest Petz: Yeah. I think this was the biggest win of my career. I needed this one more than any other.

DM: Can you describe this not broadcast fight against Fioravanti?

FP: It took place entirely on our feet, mostly boxing. He only shot in on me a couple times but he did not get me down. I think I won every round. I landed the better harder shots. He hits real hard. I guess I do too.

DM: Any moment you could knock him out or submit him that you missed? Can you describe which one?

FP: I knocked him down in the second round with a straight right. He was pretty hurt and I think I let him off the hook. I had so much respect for his punching power, I was reluctant to chase him and open up too much out of fear of getting hit by a haymaker that he might throw when he was up against the fence. A rat is most dangerous when cornered they say. We’re all rats deep down.

DM: Your teammate, Jeff Cox, lost to Gleison Tibau. How do you evaluate his UFC debut? FP: Jeff was doing ok. He got the initial takedown. I was not worried for him when Gleison took his back…Jeff has been there before. When he turned out of it he got caught in an awkward position and Tibau capitalized on it. Jeff did fine it is just that at this level anybody can get caught. He does not need me to make excuses for him, he will be back to show what he is made of.

DM: You have two victories and two losses in UFC now. What do you expect now?

FP: I am not sure what they have in store for me. Hopefully I will stay on track this time and put together another win streak.

DM: I have to ask you: What happened to you against Kuniyoshi Hironaka at UFN 9(4/5)? That fighter did not seem to be you. Or was Hironaka more than you imagined he would be?

FP: I wish I had an excuse to give you but the fact is I simply got beat fair and square. Kuniyoshi did a great job that night. Congratulations to him. Hironaka was able to get me down by putting me into the fence with a basic shot and using his long arms to pull me down. I have since made adjustments in that department and I think if we fought again I could stop that shot. If I did that the fight would go very differently.

DM: That was the first time you faced a Japanese fighter, how do you compare his strategy/game to the American/Brazilian/UK fighters you already faced and beat?

FP: I think fighters are the same all over the world. Everybody knows this game and is well rounded.

DM: Your other defeat at the association also was a little unbelievable. You were mauling Marcus Davis at UFC – The Final Chapter (October 2006) and got caught. Is there any comparison between the two defeats you had at UFC?

FP: Like I said if you make a mistake at this level anybody can be beat. Marcus came into that fight ready and motivated and it showed. I think if I had this fight again its one I could win but Marcus Davis is a real man for sure. He is showing that by the run of wins he’s having in the UFC.

DM: You only fought ‘UFNs’ until now. Would you like to fight in an UFC PPV now? Even if this would not be broadcast?

FP: I would like my fights to be shown. Who would not? I think if I stay on the winning track it is bound to happen soon.

DM: How are you seeing the welterweight category nowadays? Do you think Jon Fitch is the next contender for the belt?

FP: This division is stacked. I cannot wait to see Fitch face off against some of the top guys. He is trouble for anybody he faces.

DM: How will be your situation with Fight Fest? Are not you going to defend your belt there again?

FP: Hopefully all my fights will be with UFC from here on out. So Ill have to step down as the Fightfest and Cagewarriors champ. It is only fair that they have someone who can defend their titles.

DM: Any plan about when are you fighting UFC again? Would you like to re-match any of the fights you lost?

FP: At this point I only fight who they tell me. If given the opportunity I would love to fight any of the guys that beat me but I am not stuck in the past. I put that stuff behind me and only worry about winning my next fight whoever it may be.

DM: Thanks for your time Petz, would you like to leavea message or thanks the sponsors?

FP: Yeah, American Fighter and Tapout have been very good to me. Phantom Fireworks at are also sponsoring me. I could not be doing what I am doing without the StrongStyle gym in Independence Ohio getting me ready for my fights. Thanks to and for all they have done for me in the past.

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