Four questions to José “Pelé” Landy

José “Pelé” Landy received a terrible injury to his leg, two years ago, in a fight against Brian Gassaway, for TKO 32. Recovered, the former Chute Boxe fighter won two fights and promises news of victories for his fans.

How serious was this injury you had?

I think that if God put this thing in my way is for a reason. The moment was complicated, because it was a serious injury and all were worried. Even this happening, I tried to stay calm and talk to everyone around me that everything was fine. During this time I talked with Bibiano Fernandes and sought to understand the cause of this be happening to me. Why god was putting it in my path. Nevertheless, my only certainty was the victory. I could even play with Bibiano that when I received the anesthesia came a light that made me see God, because of the glare that happens when this occurs. At that point, he told me to continue firm that victory would come and now I’m back.

And how are you feeling after recovery?

I feel even stronger. I fear nothing, only God. With that, I’m training hard without fear of anything.

How was the return of the partnership with the master Rudimar Fedrigo?

You are great. What I want is his bless to go confident to the fight. The psychology of Rudimar is always important. He is the person who taught me what I know and I designed. I missed it all. His word will always help me and give me strength.

What is the differential of the Anderson you noticed since the beginning when he was training with you and make him the champion of today?

The person he is and his will is magnificent. He came from below, but never lost the will. After all he has, he remains steadfast. No doubt he is a follower of God, why things are coming for him. He has an enlightened heart and evolves every day.


*Photo: Portal do Vale Tudo 

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