Frazatto coaches BJJ at the MMA new potency from São Paulo

 Considered one of the most technical fighters in the BJJ, Bruno Frazatto is back to competitions. The black belt is engaged in training of Fighters Camp, the new power from the interior of São Paulo. In an exclusive interview, Frazatto told us how is being that experience.


You returned to training Jiu-Jitsu and competing recently. Tell us about it.


Well, after the World Championship of 2009 I needed to get away from training with my team, Athos, due to having to direct my focus to the classes in Campinas in the new academy of Master Paulo Nikolai, the Fighters Camp. But now that the academy is now more focused, I’m back in training with more will to win.


How are the trainings in Athos team?


This week completes the fourth week I returned to train with the team. Trained a lot with Rafa and Gui Mendes and with our athletes fewer graduates, and be training a lot with my wrestling coach Edson Robles, and with the support of Edson Ramalho taking care of my physical preparation, and Dr. Luciana, my nutritionist. Not all athletes are on the team’s headquarters in Rio Claro due to commitments with seminars and classes. The team has like leaders the coach Ramon Lemos and André Galvão, and also has several top athletes as the Mendes brothers, Gilberto Durinho, Calazans, Guto Campos, Orlando Zanetti, Gigante, David Juliano, Tagarela, Caporal, Eduardo Ramos, Ary Farias, Denílson, Ronaldinho Lázaro, Jáder, Leandro, Bruna, Angelica, John Catisti, Lampião, among others. Ramon recently arrived in the United States, where he was in charge of preparations for the fight of Anderson Silva, and assembled the team’s schedule aimed at major competitions. The team is a newly created, but that is already between the bests. I believe that all this is due to god, the focus of all athletes, and Ramon, who in partnership with Tiago Mendes who dedicated so much to achieve the results that’s been happening.


As has been this work you have done next to Master Paulo Nikolai at Fighters Camp?


It’s been great. The academy is in a great mood, all focused on improving the team. Today we have an excellent structure, and excellent professionals. In Muay Thai, we have coaches like Master Paulo Nikolai, Leonardo Wagner, Fabiana Belai, Fernando Pirata and Daniel Mendes. In wrestling, we are pioneers when we talks about classes in Campinas, also have as a coach and athlete Edson Robles, an excellent professional. Jiu-Jitsu we have also the presence of Big Mac, which needs no comment. Besides having a different physical preparation with Professor Edson Ramalho, which uses the method of functional training results. And we have the support of a nutritionist, Luciana.


How has this experience to train fighters for MMA?


I’m very happy to be part of this project together with Master Nikolai. Because he has much experience with great athletes like Minotauro and Vitor Belfort, and know much about MMA, he can direct the work as best as possible, and we are already seeing this becoming in results. Soon, we assemble a team of highly qualified, making three daily training by dividing the modalities. In only four months of team, we already have several titles in the region and we are confident that we will soon be fighting at the same level of top teams in the world of MMA. We already have a team of several athletes who are recognized in the scenario and the new promises that are already emerging as Claudiere Freitas, Leonardo Wagner, Fabio Defendente, Munil Adriano, among others. For me it is great to work with Master Nikolai, besides being a great school, I always try to listen to what he gives me of knowledge inside and outside of the mat, and he has tremendous experience, and knows a lot about fighting.


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