FREE Riekes Center anti-steroid clinic

Elite Sports Facility to Host Anti-Steroid Clinic for California College and High School Coaches and Athletes

California Coaches and Students Gather for Clinic on Comprehensive Fitness, Nutrition & Self Esteem Strategies

Menlo Park, Ca May 20th 2005: The Riekes Center for Human Enhancement is proud to announce that will host a clinic for college and high school coaches and students about steroid prevention.

“Athletes use steroids for three core reasons” said founder Gary Riekes. “They lack authentic self-esteem; they lack proper training, or proper nutrition. Sometimes it`s a combination of the three. The goal of this clinic is to help coaches and students actualize their potential by enhancing the gifts they already have. Every collegiate and high school level coach and student in California is invited to attend. Regardless of the sport you do, the information we plan to share will undoubtedly help you attain new levels in how you train and how you see yourself internally- which to us is much more important. This event is free and we expect the center to be filled to capacity.”

The Riekes Center for Human enhancement is a world renowned training facility based in Menlo Park, California. Since the 1970`s they have aided countless high school, college, Olympic and professional athletes refine their athletic ability, nutritional strategies and sports therapy.

The FREE Riekes Center anti-steroid clinic will happen at 3455 Edison Way in Menlo Park at 6 PM on June 3rd.

Suzanne E. Nelson, ScD, RD is Director of Nutrition and Body Composition Assessment and Integrative Health Programs at the Riekes Center. She will give students and coaches` information on the kind of nutritional structure focused athletes should maintain. Prior to joining the Riekes staff, Dr. Nelson was Director of Sports Nutrition at the University of Washington, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics. She was the first full-time nutritionist in the PAC-10, and worked with administration, sports medicine, athletic training, s! trength and conditioning, and academic services to promote health and performance.

This clinic will also feature globally respected author Phil Campbell. Mr. Campbell is author of the book “Ready, Set, Go!” on Pristine Press. He has been lecturing around the planet about how the human body can tap into its natural creation of HGH to give the body maximum efficiency in competition sports. Other speakers and high profile attendees will be announced in the coming weeks.

“Athletes and coaches of all levels and sports are signing up already just by word of mouth” said Mr. Riekes. “We also expect to have a few surprise guests for the youth at the clinic. We all look forward to seeing you there!!”

For more info on the anti-steroid clinic and other upcoming events at the Riekes Center for Human Enhancement visit or RSVP at!!

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