First of all Joao Pierini and BJJ of Half Moon Bay would like to thank everyone for registering for the 2005 3rd California Open. We have 300 competitors this year, cash prizes for black belts and pro’s, and one of the best ocean front locations in the world.

Lots of big names are scheduled to compete in the black belt tournament & Professional Submission Grappling Open division this year on Saturday and Sunday. This will be one of the most exciting NO Gi divisions of the year. We will accept professional entrants through 9:00 on Friday. We have been broadcasting on radio station 94.9 FM all week and expect a full house for these matches. It’s only $10 to get in and watch some of the best jiu jitsu specialist & submission grapplers in the world.

We will accept professional entrants through 9:00 on Friday.

Black Belts 174 & down on Saturday November 19th.Cassio Werneck (Werneck Jiu Jitsu)Federico Sabattini (Fight Factory)Rany Yahira (Rickson Gracie)Solomon Mitchell (Charles Gracie)

Black Belts 175 & up On Saturday November 20th. We need one more for this division. Call 650-560-0100.Flavio Machado Medeiros (Nova Uniao)Eduardo Arriva (Street Sport)Vinicius Magalhaes (Cesar Gracie)

The following world class grapplers will be battling for $1500 in Cash on Sunday November 20th1. Vinicius Magalhaes2. Bill Cooper3. Jeff Glover4. Rany Yahira5. Sergio Lorenzo6. Nathan Diaz7. Jake Shields8. Gilbert Melendez9. Raul Castillo10. Nick Diaz

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