Future Fights UFC 186: Johnson vs. Horiguchi

Future Fights UFC 186

Future Fights UFC 186 will tell you who we think the winners and losers should fight in their next bout after their big fights this weekend. Do you agree?

Future Fights UFC 186

Future Fights UFC 186: Winners

Demetrious Johnson vs. Bantamweight Champion

Everyone wants to say why DJ is not a big champion that draws attention and what they can do to change that. Well, with him cleaning out his division, considering he has beaten the top four under him, it may be time for a super fight. Dillashaw and Barao are going to duke it out for Bantamweight supremacy in a few months. After that, it may be time to let DJ challenge for two belts. He has already defended his belt six times. That is one time less than Aldo who has had his belt two years longer.

Rampage Jackson vs. Shogun vs. Lil Nog Winner

Jackson wanted to fight all his former opponents who beat him but this is the most intriguing fight out there for him. He is not the fighter he used to be, but it is interesting to see him fight some of the old dogs left in the game. Regardless of who wins, it should be a good fight for the fans of Pride.

Michael Bisping vs. Winner of Mousasi vs. Costas Philippou

Bisping looked good this weekend, but he may never challenge for the title. Still he can be a good test for potential challengers or just fight some of the greats still in the division. Philippou may win but more than likely Mousasi will come out the winner in this fight. He has been around just as long as Bisping and these two could easily co-headline any card as it is a fight fans would want to see.

Alexis Davis vs. Cat Zingano

Davis and Zingano both were finished by current champion Ronda Rousey in the first round in under thirty seconds. Both fighters want a chance to prove they are better than that showing and a fight between the two would show who deserves it more. Davis just vanquished an old foe in Sarah Kaufman, and now a fight between Zingano would be a good fight for the division.

Future Fights UFC 186: Losers

Kyoji Horiguchi vs. John Dodson

A lot of people want to see Doson rematch the champ but he has had a horrible injury and still has to win his next fight. Regardless of the outcome of his next fight, it would be interesting to see him fight Horiguchi. They are some of the biggest power punchers in the division, so it may just come down to who lands first.

Sarah Kaufman vs. Holly Holm

Holm was thought to be the next big challenger in the Bantamweight division, but her debut was lack luster. Kaufman just lost this fight, but would still prove to be a good test for Holm. It is a logical fight since Kaufman is still above her in the rankings as well.

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