Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge Interview

Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge Interview (March 6, 2007)Marlene: What have you been up to Lately, are you still fighting?

Big Daddy: Absolutely, I just fought last month I fought in K-1’s Heroes 8. I fought Jan Nortje he’s a giant of a man. I won in the first round and now I’m getting ready to fight K-1 – World Grand Prix 2007 Hawaii.

Marlene: What made you want to get into MMA in the first place?

Big Daddy: I didn’t want to get into it in the first place, my friends pushed me to get into, I didn’t like it was a little to vicious for me but I started making and here I am 11, or 12 years later.

Marlene: The Fights you had against amazing fighters like Don Frye and all those wars under your belt, we’ve seen you improve so much over the years. What do you attribute that to?

Big daddy: Never being stagnant, the thing with fighters in the past is that you find out how fighters are good and they think they know everything so they don’t want to learn anything else, and I don’t know everything and I’m always willing to tell everybody to teach me. You have to open your mind up and learn, there’s always something to learn.

Marlene: You’re famous for one of your quotes “I like driving my fists into somebody else’s face and not getting charged for it.” Could you elaborate on that statement for us?

Big daddy: It’s a good feeling to do something like driving a fist with hard speed into somebody’s head and not getting charged, I love it. I love this game!

Marlene: What would you say is your best fight?

Big daddy: I have to say my two fights with Peter Aerts in K-1 and so many form my beginning to amateur to my professional.

Marlene: In the Future do you plan to stay in K-1 or can we expect to see Big daddy back in MMA?

Big Daddy: Absolutely, I thought I was going fight UFC last year, but who knows maybe this year, the year is still young. We’ll see what happens I’m open to offers, I’ve had offers to fights in other shows but I don’t want to sell myself cheap.

Marlene: Anything else you’d like to add for OTM?

Big Daddy: Check out my website, I’m on the forum all the time.

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