Geo Martinez Waves Off Nicky Ryan Fight: “It’s A Lose/Lose Situation”

Jiu Jitsu Prodigy Nicky Ryan Takes HUGE Slam and Handily Submits Black Belt

The sensational rising BJJ star Nicky Ryan recently released this post on Instagram.

“I have a very clear dream of solidifying myself as a GREAT in the Jiu-Jitsu​ world. I work everyday, tirelessly, with the best grapplers on the planet to make my dreams come to fruition. Over the past year I have SUBMITTED 2 top 10PL black belts (Marvin Castelle and Ricky Lule) in under 10 mins combined and became the youngest competitor in ADCC history. I would like to challenge Geo Martinez to a nogi no-time limit match. I believe the system I have been learning over the past 3 years is the best in the world and that is why I am confident I will win. I mean no disrespect to the 10 PL team or Geo, but I believe i deserve this match.”

Geo Martinez (the one he wants to fight) on the other hand, didn’t really go for the idea, here’s what he had to say:

“I respect the kid, he is definitely skillful and talented but I don’t think he deserves a match. Do I think I can smoke him? Yes, definitely, but I also feel like it’s a lose/lose situation for me: if I beat him no one cares cause I’m a higher belt and if he wins by any chance then obviously that looks really good for him, so in reality I don’t benefit in any way. To be honest I feel other up-and-coming grapplers deserve a super fight vs me before Nicky. Even though Nicky has some impressive wins over some of my teammates that still doesn’t put him in my level. I’m pretty sure the match will happen down the road, when and where I don’t know. But in my opinion he’s not ready for the FREAKAHZOID.”

What do you guys think?

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