Gerbil back in Brazil

 Jeremy Arel was one of Connection Rio HQ’s first three guests and has generated an overwhelming amount of interest in his journey seeking the best of what Jiu-Jitsu has to offer. "Gerbil"s blog is nearing 500,000 views, with many informative entries, he doesn’t forget to keep everyone up to date on the women he meets along the way either (see for all blog entries)! This month the Connection Rio house has been given an opportunity to benefit from Jeremy Arel’s wealth of technical knowledge and ability to pass along that knowledge with as a professor of the Arte Suave. Jeremy is now teaching the afternoon classes at GJJ and will be living at Connection Rio HQ for an undetermined amount of time. Unfortunately that undetermined amount of time will not likely last long as his goal is to earn his black belt here under Roberto Correa here in Rio de Janeiro. After reaching his goal he will return to the US, representing GJJ in his own academy. 

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