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The fan support I have received for this fight has been amazing. From my city of Boston to all the way down to Peru where my parents are from, the e-mails have been flooding in. It gives me great pride that I get to represent all of you for this fight. You guys really give me great energy and motivation to go out there and perform at at a high level, so I want to thank you all.

I am already in Minneapolis with my team, preparing for my Saturday night fight against Roger Huerta. This is a fight that doesn’t require any hype – since it’s inherently there. Everyone who’s seen us fight before knows what we’re all about – both Roger and I have a lot of heart, we’re constantly moving forward, always going for the finish and we are well-rounded fighters.

I had a great training camp. I’m in the best shape of my life and at the best technical level that I’ve ever been. So good that I felt like I was ready a couple of weeks ago. My coaches had to pull the reins back and tell me to take it easy. I’ve been raring to go at this for a while, and I definitely didn’t need any motivation for this fight.

It’s amazing what the mind and body can do when you know that there’s something ahead of you – I don’t know whether it’s a survival mode or some kind of competitive “man versus man” thing, but your body just knows it has to be ready to perform.

Roger is a true professional and unique role model. It will be a great honor to fight him. I know he’s got a lot of respect for me, as I do him, but I think that respect is flying out the window as soon as the fight starts.

No matter where and how Roger trained, there is no way he can prepare for what he will experience. Where ever this fight goes, Roger will be forced to make unpleasant choices, because the harder he tries, the harder it’s going to hurt him. In my head, I have already fought and beaten Roger Huerta a million times.

In a fight – you’re either attacking or you’re defending. I’m not gonna be the guy who sits back, waits, and just circles the whole time. I’m going to attack him right from the start and impose my will from that point on. Ever since the (Sean) Sherk fight, my focus and intensity for each fight has continued to reach new levels. Many people see this as a sporting event, and I certainly do, but I take it one step further than that – it’s a war. Just to survive in there my opponent will need to be perfect. I feel like the hunter and it is only a matter of time before I get him.

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