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Hi All,

Great news Golden Glory Ireland is being formed and will be directly linked with Golden Glory Holland. Each month there will be a GG squad training session in the Chum Sut Gym in Lisburn. This will take place on the last thursday of each month with GG coach Martijn De Jong. Also other GG members will be coming over to help and train GG Ireland members.

How will it work? We want to sign fighters to fight for GG Ireland. The GG management team which will include Bas Boon and Martijn Da Jong will then arrange fights and fight careers for each fighter which will also include the IFL ( international fight league ) Shooto Europe and Japan and shows in the USA.

If you are interested and want a real fight career then get in touch. This will not effect your current coaching or plan to take you away from your current preferred training system. This is designed to cut through the politics that slow the whole fight career down.

The process will allow you to train and prepare with some of the worlds greatest fighters, so what have you got to lose?

The GG night will also be looking for beginners in MMA and those who just want to train hard, all are welcome.

I look forward to hearing from you and the first session is on thursday 19th Jan. The cost will be £10.00 per person.

Cheers Paddy Mooney

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