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We did this interview while we were down in Brazil, in January. I was holding this article till we got a release date on the tapes, but since everyone has been asking…………….Here it is. OTM: Tell us about the tape series you have coming out? G: We have already started to make the tapes and will try to get them out as soon as possible. I will be making the tapes will another Black belt from Barra, Gerson Sanginitto.

OTM: Gerson is opening a new Barra school in LA right? G: Yes, very soon.

OTM: We hear there are gonna be six tapes, can you tell us what will be covered on them? G: Yes, there will be six and the first one will be called “special positions” about thirteen or fourteen positions. No regular positions, only special positions. Secrets we will share. Another one will be called “Half Guard” I will share my positions of the half guard. Another is Half Guard with sweeps. All kinds of sweeps from half guard. Another one will be all about armbars. All kinds of armbars from any position. Another one will be all about chokes. Chokes from any position in any circumstance and another one about self-defense. The last one will be about much Vale Tudo. All the techniques about Vale Tudo.

OTM: Do you know when you think these tapes will be ready for people to buy? G: As soon as we can go to the US to make the tapes, we are working on right now. We will be selling them on the Internet.

OTM: How did you become the master of the half guard? G: Because I had an injury on me knee and I couldn’t use a full guard. I could not make a hook with the injured leg so I would just trap one leg. And I developed a game from it.

OTM: How long have you been training and when did you get your black belt? G: I have been training for fifteen years and I received my black belt January 29 1993 from Carlos Gracie.

OTM: What are some of the big tournaments that you have won as a black belt? G: Two times world champ, Two times Brazilian champion, One time Brazilian absolute champion for black belt.

Gordo and Gerson were two of my favorite guys to train with at Barra Gracie. We spent a lot of time training with Gordo at his academy and he has some real tuff guys. So the tapes are delayed for technical reasons, that’s all I know. We hope to get them soon cause Gordo had some sick moves he was teaching us. Plus all the 1/2 guard stuff. We hope to see him at the Pan Americans too

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