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Gordo Interview Pre Mundail de Jiu Jitsu 2002 OTM: Everyone knows that you fight in every tournament especially the big ones like the mundials. How may times have you fought and what is your record. GDO: I fought 96,97,98,99 & 2001. I won 96 & 97 and the last one I took 3rd place. I could not fight in 2000 because I was hurt. OTM: How do you feel for the tournament this year? GDO: Now I am in good shape. I think I have a good chance to win. There are many tough guys at my weight. This year I will fight heavy weight not middle heavy, but I feel good and I think I am ready to fight. OTM: Who are the best guys at your new weight class? GDO: I don`t know well this new weight class, but there are many black belts young guys. I don`t know everyone`s name but I know there will be many good guys. OTM: How do you prepare yourself for the mundails? GDO: This year I have been lifting weights. I have never done this before. It is good for my knee, back & for not getting hurt. I just never stop training. I started 15 years ago and I have never stopped. I am in good shape from training hard with my students at my school. OTM: Can you give some advice to people for their time fighting in the Mundials? GDO: Have to train hard, have too stay happy and have good concentration. Give the best you can always. OTM: Who are your students you think will do well this year in the Mundial. GDO: Now I teach many private class and not many guys are fighting. I have one student a purple belt, Celsinho he is very good. I think he will win this year. There are also some very good guys here at Gracie Barra I think will win, Xaropihno & Tunico. They are little guys like 16 years old but very good. OTM: When you developed the _ Guard it changed the game of Jiu Jitsu. Have you seen any thing new you think will change the game again? GDO: Jiu Jitsu never stops having new positions. The _ guard was only one. Now many people do the _ guard in competitions. Not just I do _ guard now many people. There are many new variations of positions. OTM: What do you think of the new confederation & Mundail. GDO: I think it is bad for Jiu Jitus because it creates a break in Jiu Jitsu. Now some guys go to one and some guys to another one. If the guy wants to make another championship he can do this, but he should make another time and another day. But now it is the same day and not everyone and fight in this championship better to be able to fight in both. OTM: We hard you have some seminars coming soon or anything you want to say? GDO: I will be in the US end of August and September. We will try to make some seminars in Boston, Virginia, Texas, and California. Thanks to my sponsors, Loft, Carlos Gracie Jr. and all of Gracie Barra.

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