Gordon Ryan Says His Team Is Pretty Much The Only One Not Using Steroids

Gordon Ryan, because of his astounding physical transformation over the past few years, has had a lot of people bring up the subject about steroids, mainly whether or not Ryan was using them himself. Well, Mr. Gordon Ryan and FloGrappling released an interview, in it he said this.

“Everyone at the highest levels for the most part is on something you know, like a our team is pretty much the only people who I think don’t use steroids, to a certain degree.”

Ryan added that his new physique has changed him quite a bit: “Basically, when I first started lifting my body wanted to get really stiff … my body wanted to get stiff so I just started like aggressively stretching more than usual .”

He also added that accusations on the internet don’t bother him: ” Most of the people talking are never gonna compete at the highest level of anything and I’ve accomplished more than most people talking sh*t anyway so it doesn’t really matter to me.

Oh, in case you were wondering just how beastly Gordon has gotten since 2015…

213 @f2wpro @musclepharm photo by @jeffreyschu #fighterplus body by @nathaliasantorobjj

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I don’t wanna see that guy in my weight class, whether he’s world-class or a white belt.


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