GQ North American Championships Preview

The Official North American Grapplingand Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships

Pro Division and Grapplers Quest present:

The Official North American Grapplingand Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships

WITH SPECIAL GUESTS: Marc Laimon (SPIKE TV’s The Ultimate Fighter Grappling Coach), Dean Lister (ADCC Superfight Champion), and The Ultimate Fighter TV Show Finalist, Kenny Florian (Guest Referee)

– Featuring 83 Championship Belts and Gold Cupsfor ADVANCED Divisions and BJJ Divisions- 153 No-Gi and BJJ Divisions for All Ages and Skill Levels

Date: Saturday, September 10th, 2005

Location: Marist High School1241 Kennedy Blvd.Bayonne, New Jersey

Tale of the Tape:

Name: Saulo RiberioStyle: Black belt BJJ, Gracie HumaitaNotable Accomplishments: ADCC 2003, 2000 87K Champion, 6 time Mundial

Saulo is a two champion at ADCC and a six time world jiu jitsu champion. Within this sport he is probably the most cerebral athletes of all and the consummate competitor, he will constantly alter his strategy and play to win. Saulo is capable of winning a match in a myriad of different ways. Saulo recently retired from Gi competition at this year`s mundials, but is still taking this opportunity to compete in the Grappler`s Quest

Name: Jason “Mayhem” MillerStyle: Purple Belt BJJ, Cobra KaiNotable Accomplishments: UFC Veteran 13-4 MMA with 8

Jason Miller may be more well known for his MMA accomplishments or colorful personality these days, but at his roots is a very solid, orthodox jiu jitsu stylist with tons of heart. Miller also possesses freakish flexibility and what coach Marc Laimon has dubbed “retard strength”.

Name: Rafael “Formiga” BarbosaStyle: Black Belt, Brazilian Top TeamNotable Accomplishments: 1st 2005 Rio State BJJ, 3rd

A black belt from Brazil with an impressive gi resume, Formiga has been preparing for this tournament for quite sometime despite being announced only recently for the division.

Name: Ken KronenbergStyle: Brown Belt, Tai Kai Notable Accomplishments GQ

The gatekeeper Ken Kronenberg has fought many Grappler`s Quest and is a favorite of the promoters, and when mentally focused he is a strong, dangerous opponent with dangerous leg locks.

Name: David AvellanStyle: Freestyle Fighting AcademyNotable Accomplishments: Numerous GQ and NAGA

David Avellan is one of the most consistant performers on the grappling circuit. David is the younger brother of Marcos Avellan and usually considered the more dangerous of the two, but Marcos promises to kick his ass up and down the mat this time if they meet in the finals. Stylistically the two are very similar, employing a nose to the grindstone style along with unorthodox guard passes and slick leg locks, David also possesses a very finely honed killer instinct.

Name: Rafael Lovato Jr.Style: Black Belt BJJ, Carlos MachadoNotable Accomplishments:

The youngest American BJJ black belt, Rafael Lovato has trained and competed extensively in both the United States and in Brazil. Rafael is extremely technical, and possesses a very dangerous guard and is equally adept at sweeping, submitting or taking the back from this position.

Name: Joe ScarolaStyle: Black Belt BJJ, Serra JiuJitsuNotable

Joe Scarola is Matt and Nick Serra`s first black belt. Usually competing at 175 pounds, Scarola is the among the smallest competitors in this field but has shown his toughness many times before. He will likely have a home field advantage of sorts as well as he will likely have tons of supporters present.

Name: Beto ArrudaStyle: Black Belt BJJ, Yamasaki Jiu JitsuNotable Accomplishments Pan American Champion, Mundial

A noted Gi grappler coming from the Yamasaki camp, Beto recently relocated to the United States and has been active in competitions here, taking second at the Copa Atlantica Black Belt division.

Name: Jamal PattersonStyle Black Belt BJJ, Renzo GracieNotable Accomplishments (2005 North American Trial Winner)

Jamal is one of the hottest grapplers competing in the US right now, and for well over a year has looked unstoppable on the submission grappling circuit, winning tournament after tournament. A powerful wrestler (and former football player), Jamal`s standup battles often go spilling off of the mat, but once he locks his opponent down has a series of submissions to go after including a series of dangerous guillotine chokes.

Name: Chris MoriartyStyle: Purple Belt BJJ, AllianceNotable

Always an entertaining grappler to watch, Chris has been consistently turning in better and better performances as his skills continue to increase exponentially and he`s recently racked up some big wins including Fabio Nasseminto and Jamal Patterson. Renowned for his triangle choke, he`s become a specialist at taking the back lately as well.

Name: Alexandre ‘Xande’ RibeiroStyle Black Belt BJJ, Saulo RiberioNotable Accomplishments: 2005 CBJJO Absolute Winner, 2005 ADCC Absolute 4th

Xande is the younger brother of Saulo Riberio and many insiders feel he might even be stronger without the gi than his accomplished brother. He has been particularly active on both the BJJ and Submission Grappling Circuits both in the US and in Brazil. Xande is well rounded and dangerous from all positions, but can be particularly effective from his half guard, which is a difficult position to perform well at the level.

Name: Elliot MarshallStyle Brown Belt BJJ, BoulderNotable Acomplishments: Multiple Pan Ams,

Eliot Marshall has accomplished quite a bit in his relatively short grappling career and is something of a prodigy on the mat. Eliot has an orthodox jiu jitsu game couple with as much natural athletic ability as anyone in this field.

Name: Rick MacauleyStyle Brown Belt BJJ, Balance StudiosNotable Accomplishments: Pam Ams Champion (Purple),

Rick is one of the more exciting and explosive grapplers on the circuit these days, and he loves to work from the half guard and go for an array of sweeps and foot locks.

Name: Jorge SantiagoStyle: Black Belt BJJ, American Top TeamNotable Accomplishments: GQ Lightweight Pro Champion

Jorge Santiago hails from the American Top Team, where he is described as a natural talent and laid back. He still brings an intensity to the mat however, and is very capable of controlling the pace or submitting his opponent.

Name: Marcos AvellanStyle: Freestyle Fighting AcademyNotable Accomplishments: 2005 North American Qualifier 87K, Beast of the East 4 man tournament

Over the last two years Marcos has competed at 155 and 191 and everywhere in between, so he he should feel at home in this weight class. Stylistically, Avellan is a very game, smart competitor who is going to make work for everything in the match. Marcos is more well rounded than he often gets credit for, but is especially dangerous while on top and attempting his unorthodox guard passes.

Name: Phil CardellaStyle: Brown Belt BJJ, Relson GracieNotable Accomplishments: Numerous Gi titles, Arnolds and

Phil Cardella runs a Relson Gracie affiliate school in Austin, Texas. He has a number of accomplishments within his divisions in the gi, and typically competes in the lightweight class, thus making him among the smaller entries in the field.

Some Historical Match Ups:

Jamal Patterson vs Xande Riberio- Xande win in overtime at ADCC 2005 in a match that was not without controversy.

Jamal Patterson vs Chris Moriarty- Jamal might have been taking Chris a little lightly at GQ 2005 and paid the price for it, getting submitted in a triangle choke (a very rare submission loss for Jamal indeed).

David Avellan vs Rafael Lovato Jr.- David Avellan took this at GQ West 2004

Marcos Avellan vs Jorge Santiago- Jorge takes it 8-2 at GQ VA 2004

Joe Scarola vs Jorge Santiago- Jorge wins on a takedown in the finals of the GQ VA lightweight pro division.

Marcos Avellan vs Rick Macauley- Marcos Avellan over Rick Macauley at the 2004 ADCC North American Trials

Gumby`s Picks

1) Xande Riberio-

Xande Riberio is pretty much my favorite pick in almost any tournament he`s entered in, this one being no exception. He took third in his weight class and fourth in the Absolute division at this years ADCC, which would be pretty good for anyone except for Xande. Since then he`s actually looked revitalized and a whole lot meaner, and he took the CBJJO World Cup Absolute Title defeating Margarida and Jacare back to back. If he keeps up this new found level of intensity he`s going to be very difficult to stop.

2) David Avellan-

On the other side of the bracket stands David Avellan and I would list him as the favorite to win that side of the bracket. And if he can make it to the finals, he definitely has a chance to win the whole thing.

3) Jamal Patterson-

Jamal is among the toughest grapplers for anyone to deal with, and has been on a hell of a streak from late 2003, only looking human in his very most recent matches. The recent promotion to black belt will certainly help rekindle the fire within him however. The likely second round match up between Jamal vs Xande will likely be the most explosive of the tournament.

One things is for sure, I can`t wait until September 10th to see how this all goes down!

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