GQ US Nationals Quick Results

Rany Yahra wins the lightweight division submitting all three opponents: Bill Cooper, Jared Weiner and Dave Jacobs in the finals! Rounding out the 8 man division Jared Weiner had beaten Ulysses Gomez, Jeff Glover submitted “Spider Dicenzo and Dave Jacobs over Alan Teo. Dave Jacobs over Jeff Glover to get to the finals versus Rany Yahra.

The welterweight division saw Regis Lebre take the division. In the first round match ups Igor Gracie submitted Sylvester, Ryan Gregg defeated Andrew Smith, Regis Lebre submits Keith Florian, and Mike Fowler submits Francisco Neto. Igor Gracie then submitted Ryan Gregg and Regis Lebre defeats Mike Fowler. Regis Lebre over Igro in the finals.

Finally Rick Macauley wins the Welterweight division! First round Leo Dalla defeats Nolan Dutcher, Macauley over Dan Simmler, Sean Spangler submits Kevin Chhay, and Jamie Cruz submits Noah Spear. In the second round Macauley over Dalla and Cruz over Spangler. Finally Macauley over Cruz in what can be described as a war!

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