Gracie Mag dropps the names of top stars at IBJJF No Gi Worlds

Earlier today, posted the who is who for the upcoming World No-Gi championship.

There we disclosed the names of the aces who will be competing at the event to take place November 5 in California.

On the roster for the IBJJF event in California, big names like Pablo Popovitch, Roberto Tussa, Lucas Lepri, Marcus Bochecha, Caio Terra, Roberto Cyborg, Rafael Lovato, Gustavo Sirizinho, Carlos Esquisito, Antonio Peinado, James Puopolo, Otavio Sousa, Clark Gracie, Davi Ramos and Murilo Santana, among other aces.

But just minutes ago, another submission whiz declared that he’s in the mix, too: ”I am going to be in action in the No-Gi Worlds. I am so excited to compete again!” wrote Rubens “Cobrinha’ Charles, who has won the title twice in the past (2007, 2008).

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