Gracie Open really Quick Results

Once again NorCal’s finest showed up for Cesar Gracie’s Gracie Open tournament. Some very quick results: Nate Diaz beat Josh Thompson in a 6-6 match based on aggressiveness. Both had some near submissions, but Nate had more and was more aggressive. Nate Ducharme beat Travis (something or anothe, announced as an ADCC vet and I sort of recognized him from somewhere). Nate was by quite a few points, and even had a triangle choke which Travis got out of. Travis pushed Nate off with a double foot attempt that looked and sounded way more like a kick and Nate looked really pissed (well, more so than usual), and the referee immediately disqualified Travis. Raul Castillo won a three man brown belt division. Both matches by submission. Unfortunately I had to leave as the submission grappling portion was starting (had one brother graduation HS and one College and the family party was last night). Check back later in the day for some video from the event.

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