Grappler’s Quest Quick Results

Saulo and Xande Riberio close out the division. Matches went as follows:

Saulo over Jason Miller

Rafael “Barbosa” Formiga over ???? (Ken Kronenberg no showed)

David Avellan over Rafael Lovato Jr. in a 59 minute match!!!

Beto Arruda over Joe Scarola

Jamal Patterson over Chris Moriarity (by advantage)

Xande Riberio over Eliot Marshall

Rick Macauley over Jorge Santiago

MArcos Avellan over Phil Cardella

Round 2

Saulo Riberio over BarbosaDavid Avellan over Beto arrudaXande Riberio over JAmal Patterson in what has been described as one for the ages.Rick Macauley over Marcos Avellan

Round 3

SAulo Riberio over David Avellan (5-0 with advantages on each side)Xande Riberio over Rick Macauley (RNC)

Lots more soon!

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