Grappler’s Quest West 1

Some people said Briann Cimins wouldn’t pull the Grappler’s Quest Las Vegas event off on time.Some people said Briann Cimins wouldn’t pull the Grappler’s Quest Las Vegas event off on time. Weighing in all the competitors in the morning and running the whole event in the afternoon and evening seemed crazy to some. Luckily Brian had a team of great people who came to help. Competitors were organized and the event turned out great. A Cash payout of a $1000 was offered to the winner of the open advanced division. This drew some big name competitors and some arch rivals. This was one of the most exciting events to hit the West Coast plus it was in Las Vegas.

Jeff Monson, Garth Taylor, Dean Lister and Alexandre “Cafe” Dantas were invited to compete in the advanced open division. Marc Laimon and x roommate Chris “The Westside Strangler” Brennen were matched up to help settle an old issue. A few nasty words were exchanged online too in the forums. Others like Tony Desouza, Homer “The Rock” Moore, Alberto Crane had to fight their way to get a chance at the $1000. JD Penn older, bigger and stronger brother of BJ Penn, also fought his way into the open division. Along the way he was awarded the Tap Out Most Technical Fighter award. It was a tough decision between JD and Santa Fe Jiu Jitsu Brown Belt Alberto Crane who also showed great technique.

After months of bickering on the Mixed Martial Arts forum the Super Fight brought a clear victory for BJ Penn. Mike Cardoso, US Abu Dhabi qualifier, showed great heart. BJ was unable to finalize Mike. Mike and BJ are both such great competitors they were seen later at the On the Mat after party enjoying BODY SHOTS with some girls that would make even the Hugh Hefner proud.

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