Grappler’s Quest West 3

Grappler’s Quest West 3November 16, 2002612 competitors attending a grappling event was incredible enough. The fact that the tournament started, and ended on time was almost unbelievable. Brian and Sean definitely have their system down pat

A number of fighters were in attendance to promote their matches for the upcoming weekend. Early in the morning, Ken Shamrock came to the UFC and signed autographs and talked with fans hyping his upcoming title fight with Tito Ortiz. Later on in the day, Frank Trigg, Rob McCullough and Marvin Eastman came to the WFA booth to hype the event. Phil Baroni hung out at the event all day and probably talked to everyone in attendance.

However today it was all about the competitors who were on the mat, and anyone can be a star. The event of course started off with the group that will be stars for a long time to come, the children’s division. Not only were there a lot of children competing today, one would be surprised at the level of skill and the amount of submissions in this division. In a lot of ways this is always my favorite division because the little ones simply go for it and have the most fun.

The women’s division started up soon afterwards and featured many athletes to watch out for in all the divisions. The recipient of the Tapout fighter of the Day award went to Gazzy Parman, who not only won her weight division, but the absolute division as well. Gazzy took her division with a tough battle against Erica Montoya, then in the absolute division won a shocker by tapping out Erica in very rapid fashion! Although the finishing hold was an illegal toe hold, Erica showed good sportsmanship by acknowledging the fact she got tapped and allowing Gazzy to advance without controversy where she defeated a very tough Amanda Buckner. Most styling award of the day had to go to Cindy Magdaleno, who was sporting a home made Onthemat Shirt the whole day (hey, we get the hint, we need to put more shirts in our online store!)

Although there were no super fights at this tournament, the advanced divisions were stacked with talent. One week after looking impressive at the Santa Cruz US Open, Jeff Glover continued to impress by taking the Flyweight division. Rami Boukai entered with quite a bit of hype and took the Featherweight division. Scott Bieri continued to look unbeatable in submission grappling (he has a nearly 30 fight win streak going) as he took the lightweight division In the middleweight division, probably the most marquee match up of the day occurred when Sean Spangler beat Amal Easton in the finals in a very close match. . Joe Hurt takes the welterweight division, Tim Kennedy takes the cruiserweight, Jay Martinez the light-heavyweight, Jorge “VanDam” (Gracie Barra black belt) makes his American debut by taking the heavyweight and Joseph Riggs takes superweight.

When the final team totals were tallied there was something of an upset as previously unheralded Jackson’s Fight Training from New Mexico wins the title by one point over hometown heros J-Sect Jiu-Jitsu / Nocia Uniao. Congrats Jackson’s, looking forward to more great stuff in the future.

Naturally with the tournament ending on time, that gave everyone time to go out and do what Las Vegas is known best for, and that’s party! I’m assuming your intrepid reporter had a good time, unfortunately I don’t remember enough about the goings on to provide an accurate report.

Thanks to Gilberto of Jiu-Jitsu Pro gear for the free swag. (Yo vendors, you see how it works, give me free stuff and I plug you!) Tapout and Sherdog were also there, and although no freebies this time, I definitely felt the love.

The Grapplers Quest West 3 Submission Grappling Championships (November 16th in Las Vegas, NV) proved to be the closest team championship battle in GQ history. Only one point separated the team title. Here are the official results:

1st Place Jackson’s Fight Training 205 Points 2nd Place Team J-Sect (Nova Uniao/John Lewis) 204 Points 3rd Place Boulder Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (Amal Easton/Renzo Gracie) 179 Points 4th Place Team Machado (No Rules/Mica/John Machado) 159 Points 5th Place Team Pedro Sauer 124 Points 6th Place Team Ralph Gracie 85 Points 7th Place Shark Tank 82 Points 8th Place Las Vegas Combat Club (Ricardo Pires) 69 Points 9th Place Team Next Generation (Chris Brennan) 68 Points 9th Place – Team BRAUSA 60 Points 10th Place Santa Rosa Jiu Jitsu 58 Points

Honorable Mention:

Team Precision 56 Points Combined Martial Science 55 Points Dean Lister/City Boxing 49 Points Roy Harris 47 Points SLO Kickboxing 40 Points Team Paragon 35 Points Team Cesar Gracie-David Terrell 28 Points Delao Jiu Jitsu 28 Points Team San Diego Fight Club 28 Points Team Colorado Stars 25 Points Team New Breed 21 Points Team Rickson Gracie – 21 Points Asher Combat Academy – 19 Pittman’s – 19 Points Royce Gracie – 19 Points Fabio Santos – 18 Points Fernandinhoisa – 17 Points Ogre’s Den – 17 Points Team Magnitude – 16 Points Claudio Franca – 14 Points MNNMAA – 13 Points Fierce Protection – 10 Points KFSS – 10 Points RAW – 10 Points AGJJ – 9 Points Beverly Hills Jiu Jitsu Club – 8 Points Team Punishment (Tito Ortiz) – 8 Points Ogden Alliance – 7 Points Ventura Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – 7 Points WCTC – 7 Points Caique Jiu Jitsu – 6 Points CDF – 6 Points Freestyle Submission Fighting – 6 Points Southwest Martial Arts – 6 Points Team Parrish – 6 Points Anderson’s – 5 Points Defense Institute – 5 Points Kung Fu San Soo – 5 Points Pacific Martial Arts – 5 Points Sankai Dojo – 5 Points White Tiger – 5 Points Laurita Brazilian Jiu Jitsu – 4 Points Leininger Dojo – 4 Points Team Royler Gracie USA – 2 Points

Grapplers Quest West 3 Submission Grappling Championships Saturday, November 16th

Children 49.9 lbs. and below: : 1st Place Johnathan Turk (Leininger Dojo) 2nd Place Kendall Ainsworth (Rickson Gracie)

Children 50-59.9 lbs.: : 1st Place Gabriel Kirk (Laurita Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Academy) 2nd Place Jamie Guyer (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 3rd Place Larry Glines (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 4th Place Caitlyn Lee (Ralph Gracie)

Children 60-69.9 lbs.: : 1st Place Scott Jividen (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 2nd Place Dusti Yates (Shark Tank)

Children 70-79.9 lbs. : 1st Place Chase Everwine (Pacific Martial Arts) 2nd Place Cathrin Coleman (KFSS)

Children 80-94.9 lbs. : 1st Place Noah Tillis (New Breed) 2nd Place Stefanie Milhomme (KFSS) 3rd Place Ian Comer (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 3rd Place Chase Everwine (Pacific Martial Arts)

Children 95-109.9 lbs. : 1st Place Kalin Rutherford (KFSS) 2nd Place Brice Cook (San Diego Fight Club) 3rd Place Alyse Alcantara (Shark Tank) 4th Place Tre Daily (Pedro Sauer)

Children 110-124.9 lbs. : 1st Place Christopher Vargas (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 2nd Place Ryan Kelp (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 3rd Place Travis Wall (Kung Fu San Soo) 4th Place Madeleine Halary (Combined Martial Science)

Children 125-139.9 lbs. : 1st Place Justin Sorenson (Pedro Sauer) 2nd Place T.J. Brown (Machado) 3rd Place Bill Elder (Royler Gracie) 4th Place Harry Robbins (Combined Martial Science)

Children 140-154.9 lbs. : 1st Place Nathan Tom (Pedro Sauer) 2nd Place Kyle Olsen (Kung Fu San Soo) 3rd Place Richard Lundell (Pedro Sauer) 4th Place Jonathan Martin (Combined Martial Science)

Children 155-169.9 lbs. : 1st Place Daniel Valdez (Ralph Gracie) 2nd Place Tony Ahn (Las Vegas Combat Club) 3rd Place Tim Means (Jackson’s West) 4th Place Nader Zannad (Independent)

Children 170 lbs. and over : 1st Place Tom Trevor (Pedro Sauer) 2nd Place Daniel Fames (Independent)

Women Class A – 114.9 lbs. and below: 1st Place Tessa Queen (Boulder BJJ) 2nd Place Stephanie Quimby (No Rules/Machado)

Women Class B – 115-124.9 lbs. : 1st Place Gazzy Parman (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 2nd Place Erica Montoya (Next Generation) 3rd Place Cindy Magdaleno (Caique Jiu Jitsu) 4th Place Tessa Queen (Boulder BJJ)

Women Class C 125-139.9 lbs. :: 1st Place Amanda Buckner (Boulder BJJ) 2nd Place Coryell Holmes (Ventura BJJ) 3rd Place Lisa Plaski (Machado) 4th Place Karen Athen (Defense Institute)

Women Class D 140 lbs. and Over:: 1st Place Mayra Conde (Beverly Hills Jiu Jitsu Club) 2nd Place Arlene Vaughn (Jackson’s) 3rd Place Glenda Sell (Combined Martial Science)

Women Absolute Division:: t Place Gazzy Parman (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 2nd Place Amanda Buckner (Boulder BJJ) 3rd Place Lisa Plaski (Machado) 4th Place Erica Montoya (Next Generation)

Executive (35 yrs. and older) – Lightweight – 159 lbs. and below: 1st Place Robert Grigg (Dean Lister/City Boxing) 2nd Place Jesus Gonzalez (Machado) 3rd Place John Jordan (Pedro Sauer) 4th Place James Rugenstein (White Tiger)

Executive (35 yrs. and older) Middleweight – 160-179.9 lbs.: 1st Place Tim Ryan (Ralph Gracie) 2nd Place Mitch Yount (Independent) 3rd Place Mike Sprinkle (Parrish) 4th Place Thom Jackson (Anderson’s)

Executive (35 yrs. and older) – Cruiserweight (180-199.9 lbs.) 1st Place Bruce Madewell (Combined Martial Science) 2nd Place Russ Martin (Combined Martial Science) 3rd Place Paul Gardner (Pedro Sauer)

Executive (35 yrs. and older) – Heavyweight (200 lbs. and over)) 1st Place Jay Martinez (Shark Tank) 2nd Place Rico Murphy (Las Vegas Combat Club) 3rd Place David Wright (Southwest Martial Arts)

Novice Flyweight (139.9 lbs. and below) : 1st Place Sonny Nohara (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 2nd Place Eddie Verso (Machado) 3rd Place Clay Davis (Jackson’s) 4th Place Edward Tomaselli (Jackson’s)

Novice Featherweight (140-149.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Glenn McPherson (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 2nd Place Josh Buck (Ogden Alliance) 3rd Place Ryan Tacket (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 4th Place Apollo Sebastian (J-Sect/Nova Uniao)

Novice Lightweight (150-159.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Ressen Messer (Jackson’s) 2nd Place David Bollea (Independent) 3rd Place Justin Cataldi (CDF) 4th Place Chris Marlow (SLO Kickboxing)

Novice Welterweight (160-169.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Erick Abbey (Machado/Team Mica) 2nd Place Jason Brenner (Jackson’s) 3rd Place Chris Nelson (San Diego Fight Club) 4th Place Marcus Kovach (Roy Harris)

Novice Middleweight (170-179.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Jonathan Lemus (Independent) 1st Place Daryl Smith (Shark Tank) 2nd Place Thomas Hyung (WCTC) 3rd Place Al Delgado (Jackson’s)

Novice Cruiserweight (180-189.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Kendall Grove (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 2nd Place Dave Smith (Jackson’s) 3rd Place Alex Walker (Precision) 4th Place Anthony Park (Sankai Dojo)

Novice Light-Heavyweight (190-204.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Daniel Turner (Delao Jiu Jitsu) 2nd Place David Nater (Jackson’s) 3rd Place Derek Downey (Pedro Sauer) 4th Place Alex Incera (Machado)

Novice Heavyweight (205-224.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Ryan Bengard (Team Punishment) 2nd Place Eddie Sanchez (Team Magnitude) 3rd Place Michael Kim (Machado)

Novice Superweight (225 lbs. and over) : 1st Place Matt Munoz (Delao JJ)) 2nd Place Gregg Clark (Las Vegas Combat Club) 3rd Place Edgar Padilla (Combined Martial Science) 4th Place Jimmy Bice (Las Vegas Combat Club)

Beginner Flyweight (139.9 lbs. and below) : 1st Place B.J. Jalali (Next Generation) 2nd Place Michael Melki (Independent) 3rd Place Elbert Randles (Freestyle Submission Fighting) 4th Place Link Smith (John Machado)

Beginner Featherweight (140-149.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Aaron Brosamle (Santa Rosa JJ) 2nd Place Reese Idica (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 3rd Place Jeremy Sanquist (Combined Martial Science) 4th Place Al Garza (AGJJ)

Beginner Lightweight (150-159.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Jordan Sorenson (Pedro Sauer) 2nd Place Shad Smith (Shark Tank) 3rd Place Marco Scolari (Machado Las Vegas) 4th Place Douglas Bacik (Machado)

Beginner Welterweight (160-169.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Allen Hayes (Las Vegas Combat Club) 2nd Place Brock Moore (Pedro Sauer) 3rd Place Wesley Eldredge (Pedro Sauer) 4th Place Xan Routh (Colorado Stars)

Beginner Middleweight (170-179.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Rob Kolbek (Delao JJ) 2nd Place Cruz Soltero (Boulder BJJ) 3rd Place John Lansing (BRAUSA) 4th Place Jeremiah Adamour (Independent)

Beginner Cruiserweight (180-189.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Aqeel Qadree (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 2nd Place Owen Leatham (Pedro Sauer) 3rd Place Antonio Gonzalez (RAW) 4th Place Jesse Lopez (Team Magnitude)

Beginner Light-Heavyweight (190-204.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Justin Shuford (Machado) 2nd Place Jesse Biggs (Pedro Sauer) 3rd Place Matt Baker (Fierce Protection) 4th Place Ed Cauallin (Dean Lister/City Boxing)

Beginner Heavyweight (205-224.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Franco Burcina (Team Terrell) 2nd Place Jeff Mulhollan (Las Vegas Combat Club) 3rd Place Luis Alberganti (J-Sect/Nova Uniao)

Beginner Super-Heavyweight (225 lbs. and over) : 1st Place Matthew Houser (Las Vegas Combat Club) 2nd Place Jeff Yurk (Roy Harris) 3rd Place Sergio Farnes (Machado Las Vegas) 4th Place Jose Larreal (Pedro Sauer)

Intermediate Flyweight (139.9 lbs. and below) : 1st Place Simpson Go (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 2nd Place Thinh Ly (Santa Rosa)

Intermediate Featherweight (140-149.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Dave Bancroft (Machado) 2nd Place Bill Cooper (Paragon) 3rd Place PJ Raagas (Roy Harris) 4th Place Finnie McMahon (Boulder BJJ)

Intermediate Lightweight (150-159.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Alfredo Romero III (Jackson’s) 2nd Place Justin Fraser (SLO Kickboxing) 3rd Place Carlos Condit (Jackson’s) 4th Place Lance Martinez (Santa Rosa)

Intermediate Welterweight (160-169.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Mike Hetrick (Colorado Stars) 2nd Place Teo Seamon-Baumgartner (Jackson’s) 3rd Place Chris Rossiter (Pedro Sauer) 4th Place Richard Cesena (Pedro Sauer)

Intermediate Middleweight (170-179.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Jason Schilback (Cesar Gracie) 2nd Place Jeff Powell (Jackson’s/Powell Sports) 3rd Place James Raborn (Jackson’s) 4th Place James Duorak (MNNMAA)

Intermediate Cruiserweight (180-189.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Alexy Serdyukov (Next Generation) 2nd Place Steven Kotler (Ralph Gracie) 3rd Place Jaime Fletcher (Shark Tank) 4th Place Chris Williams (Boulder BJJ)

Intermediate Light-Heavyweight (190-204.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Eric Schabari (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 2nd Place Bruce Madewell (Combined Martial Science) 3rd Place David Garcia Jr. (Claudio Franca) 4th Place Paul Cawood (J-Sect/Nova Uniao)

Intermediate Heavyweight (205-224.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Adam Brooks (Shark Tank) 2nd Place Larry King (Boulder BJJ) 3rd Place Andrew Dudderar (Boulder BJJ) 4th Place Daniel Niska (Precision)

Intermediate Super-Heavyweight (225 lbs. and over) : 1st Place Daniel Chritstison (Jackson’s) 2nd Place Brandon McDowell (Jackson’s) 3rd Place Jesse Vermillo (Dean Lister/City Boxing) 4th Place Andy Montana (BRAUSA)

Advanced Flyweight (139.9 lbs. and below) : 1st Place Jeff Glover (Paragon) 2nd Place Brandon Mullins (Pittman’s) 3rd Place Ulysses Gomez (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 4th Place Kelly Tolman (Ogre’s Den)

Advanced Featherweight (140-149.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Rami Boukai (Next Generation) 2nd Place Jori Tate (Precision JJ) 3rd Place Scottie Epstein (Rickson Gracie) 4th Place John Ramirez (New Breed)

Advanced Lightweight (150-159.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Scott Bieri (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 2nd Place Alvin Robinson (Royce Gracie) 3rd Place Jacob Hargrove (Santa Rose) 4th Place Ron Shinkai (Fernandinho/isa)

Advanced Welterweight (160-169.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Joe Hurt (Ralph Gracie) 2nd Place Niko Han (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 3rd Place Matt Taira (Fabio Santos) 4th Place Luke Pomerantz (Roy Harris)

Advanced Middleweight (170-179.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Sean Spangler (J-Sect/Nova Uniao) 2nd Place Amal Easton (Boulder BJJ) 3rd Place Thomas Schultz (Jackson’s) 4th Place Jay Jack (Boulder BJJ)

Advanced – Cruiserweight (180-189.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Tim Kennedy (SLO Kickboxing) 2nd Place Diego Sanchez (Jackson’s) 3rd Place Dean Helleman (Precision) 4th Place Carlos Oyarzun (Ralph Gracie)

Advanced Light-Heavyweight (190-204.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Jay Martinez (Shark Tank) 2nd Place Matt Asher (Asher Combat Academy) 3rd Place Nick Stefan (Machado Las Vegas) 4th Place James Gray (Independent)

Advanced Heavyweight (205-224.9 lbs.) : 1st Place Jorge Vandam (Ralph Gracie) 2nd Place Keith Jardine (Jackson’s) 3rd Place Eliot Marshall (Boulder BJJ) 4th Place Edwin Dewees (BRAUSA)

Advanced Superweight (225 lbs. and over) : 1st Place Joseph Riggs (BRAUSA) 2nd Place Wade Shipp (San Diego Fight Club) 3rd Place Conan Dunn (Dean Lister/City Boxing)

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