Grappler’s Quest West Very Quick Results

An absolutely insane amount of competitors participated in the 8th Grappler’s Quest West. With way over 1000 competitors signed up for the nogi section alone, and many more entered in the gi divisision, nearly 1700 competitiors in all participated on 12 mat in what may have been the largest grappling tournament of all time. Certain divisions, notably the Novice under 170, had over 100 competitors alone!

In the pro divisions, mens lightweight champion Wagney Fabiano defeats Jeff Glover by takedown in the final moments of the match. The women’s lightweight saw Cindy Hale over Gazzy Parman in overtime in a hurly burly match. In the women’s over division, Kelly Paul defeats Kizma button.

The advanced divisions had many top compeititors putting it on the line. Nick Diaz, fresh from his performance at UFC TUF 2 finales, won his division, while brother Nathan took third in the same division. Jason “Mayhem” Miller had a spectacular performance as well as Drew Ficket in winning their respective divisions.

Many more compeititors in the gi division. Rick Macauley wins his first black belt match over Walter Vital. Brown belt standouts include Ryan Ellison from Alliance and a very slick Romulo Barros.

Much more to come!

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