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We’re back, did you miss us? We’re back, did you miss us?

Happy to report that we are not among the dotcom casualties here in the valley. Hell, you all know we’re in it for the love, not the money, so we intend to be around here for a long time to come. Still, we’d love you more if you help us get money, so be sure to be click on our way cool advertisers and support the cause.

I’m not ignoring you….

Well, not on purpose anyways. I had never quite gotten my e-mail to work so consequently I never got your e-mails. Plus even if it was working, I’m a lazy bastard off the mat. That problem is taken care of, so I promise to be better in the future. You can also see my postings at the Underground Forum and the IntheGuard Forum. Accept no substitutes! I’m the original Jiu-Jitsu Gumby.

Oh yeah, for the rest of you, Scotty and I are indeed two different people. No comment on the actual identity of the Mosquito however.

Tournament Stuff

No doubt you checked out the great shots of Scotty’s performance at the Santa Cruz tournament. My story is bit more comical. After waiting nearly an hour to meet my teammate at the designated meeting spot, I made it ten minutes after my name was called and missed my match. Claudio Franca is Brazilian and runs his tournaments on time. Who figured? Well, I should have for one, this would have been my third US Open of Jiu-Jitsu and Claudio outdoes himself each time.

As of right now, I’m getting ready for the Grappling Games in Las Vegas followed by the Arnold World Gracie Submission Championships in March. Look for me to be competing, videotaping and partying at both. Vegas will be a fun time; anyone who was with me at the Grappler’s Quest West can tell you that that town knows how to party! If you buy me a drink, I just might mention you in my column. Then it’s off to Ohio to meet the Terminator himself. Anyone know of anything fun to do in Columbus?

Parting Shots

Alright, I’ll be updating this section with new editorials and content whenever I damn well feel like it. Have fun, train to win and I’ll catch you all later.

Train Hard Fight Hard Party Hard


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