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Have to apologize for OntheMat going down last week . We had to upgrade the server software to pave the way for the NEW Onthemat website I’­ve been not so subtly alluding to for the last few months.Long time no speak.

Have to apologize for OntheMat going down last week . We had to upgrade the server software to pave the way for the NEW Onthemat website I’ve been not so subtly alluding to for the last few months. You’re going to have to believe me when I say the headache and heartbreak will be worth it, we really think the new site will turn the world on it’s earÖ..explains why it’s taking so friggin long! LOL!

BTW, New Shopping Cart link;

HYPERLINK “” Behind the scenes we’re also working on a slew of DVDs. Some projects I can talk about, some I can’t. Just the nature of the beast, but I can mention we have DVDs or DVD-R’s completed or nearly completed of the last three Grappler’s Quest Events, the last World Grappling Games Event, the Budweiser Cup and a compilation of the last few tournaments held in Nashville. Whew! The move to DVD format is definitely on because you demanded it.

Enough about what’s going on with us. Let’s talk about some of the goings on in our world, eh? You’ve seen the video over on HYPERLINK “″Sherdog of Tank Abbott jumping into the ring at Total Combat 3 and challenging the locals. The man who was prepared to meet this challenge was none other than OTM fave Brandon Vera. As big of a fan as I am of Tank (the man once bought me a Stoli-Cranberry, but that’s another story) Brandon would have given him more than he could handle. Attention MMA promoters: Sign Brandon Vera! In addition to his impressive credentials in grappling (purple belt under Lloyd Irvin, one of the top Greco-Roman guys in the US, and current sparring partner to Dean Lister), he’s also competing in K-1 kickboxing style events! He actually has a record of 5-0 in MMA right now, and I’m positive you’ll be hearing more from him in the very near future.

Speaking of Sherdog, I have to plug the interview of yours truly by Carl Fisher that Sherdog was kind enough to post HYPERLINK “”. My girlfriend had the audacity to ask why I looked beat up here. What could I tell her? That picture was actually taken BEFORE the training session!

Watched the UFC this weekend, not from Vegas, but from the confines of my good buddy David ìCanadaî McLeod’s living room. (See Canada! You’re famous now!) I’d have to say that listening to the live crowd boo anything that doesn’t involve a sloppy flurry of punches really frustrates me. As much as some of us would like to believe in the beauty and technicality of MMA, I think everyone knows the reality of what actually sells.

I haven’t spoken to a single grappling based person who was happy with the Matt Hughes / Charuto decision. Not so much in the victory for Matt Hughes, but how in the hell could anyone score that as a 30-27 victory for Hughes on a ten point must system when Charuto very clearly dominated the first round and had a very near submission!? Contrary to popular belief, it’s the athletic commission that selects the judges, and apparently most of these judges come from a boxing background. Don’t believe me? Look at the official webpage of the Nevada State Athletic Commision:

HYPERLINK “” That’s right, the Nevada State Athletic Commission actually uses ìboxingî and not some alliteration of NSAC as their official homepage! Is it any wonder why we get and will continue to get judges decisions that don’t seem to make any sense for grappling based observers? Better to light a candle than curse the darkness, I always say, so I actually wrote the commission a letter. I’ll post the letter and the NSAC response (f any) in a future column.

Of course, if you didn’t actually finish the fight, you should never be surprised on what the judges’ decision might be.

This weekend I’m off to Ohio for the Ohio Pro Am.

HYPERLINK “” It’s sponsored by Oxyfol, which is fronting the money for both the pro division and the $3000 Biz-Oxydol challenge.

HYPERLINK “” Are you using another detergent to wash your clothes? What are you, stupid? Do you see the amount of money they’re spending on grappling tournaments all over the country. The sport has NEVER had a sponsor this generous and this is exactly what we need to take the sport to the next level. Show your love that you support those who support us and pick up a box of Oxydol today.

Back to the tournament, there are two pro divisions, an under175 and over 175 category. I can’t accurately place odds on this tournament as I simply don’t know enough about most of the contestants to make an accurate call. (I really kind of backed myself into a corner in starting these odds, while fun to do, require and enormous amount of research.

In the over 175 pound category, the two names that stand out in my mind are Fabio Leopoldo and Wade Rome. Fabio is a tremendously crafty and talented black belt under Ryan Gracie. Although known primarily for his accomplishments in the gi, he was the runner up at the Brazilian Abu Dhabi Trials. Wade Rome is most likely looking for some vindication in the state of Ohio after the Arnold event, where he should be a two time Pro Division champ. In addition to his brown belt in jiu jitsu and his wrestling skills, he’s about a buck over the 175 weight minimum. You can’t count out a Team Miletech fighter however, and they have had plenty of success when they chose to enter grappling events. Mike Whitehead should be tough, in addition to being a hefty fellow himself.

In the under 175 category two names that are familiar are good buddy Shawn Williams, black belt under Renzo Gracie, and Pedro ìPedrinhoî Brandao, black under Grracie Barra, who has been very active this year. The sleeper could well be Jon Stutzman of Team Jorge Gurel, the hometown hero just recently received his black belt,

Well, I’ve got tons to do so I’m calling it a column here. Until next time, you know the routine:

Train Hard Fight Hard Party Hard

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