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Everyone is doing it, and if you read up on internet trends, blogging is definitely the hottest thing on the web right now. Still, I figured I already had a website, so what did I need a blog for?

While OntheMat is a news site and grappling and BJJ portal in a stricter sense and has a certain regiment on how articles get submitted and posted, this blog may tackle a wider range of topics than what is strictly posted on OntheMat, and drops the veil of journalistic impartiality as this is strictly MY OPINION .

Not that I believe there is such a thing as journalistic impartiality in the real world anyway. The media always has a bias. See FoxNews for example.

This blog will allow me to express an opinion and talk about happenings in our sports(s) even if they have not been officially submitted to OntheMat. It also gives me an outlet to post about other subjects of interest to myself that would be wholly inappropriate to OntheMat (I`m not too political, but expect a lot of cryptozoological notes here).

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