Half-Guard Seminar (Seminario Meia Guarda)

Three Times BJJ World Champion Bernardo “Pitbull” Pitel @ Team Mirza (1 Week Of Half Guard Seminar) Pitel is a 3 time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and an especialist in the Half Guard Game. Come learn with one of the best Half-Guard fighters in the World. After conducting various seminars and touring Europe Pitel will be concentrating on 7 Days of incredible Half Guard positions. Learn Half Guard from its Basics all the way to the most recent advanced Black Belt methods. Come and upgrade your fight game. Learn one of the most complicated and advanced positions in a very basic and clear teaching method. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced techniquesBring your family, friends and Colleagues. Everybody is welcome to join!!Fees for students: 25JDS (including a 4 hour seminar on Friday)Non Students: 20JDS (for Friday seminar only)Time: 5-9pmLocaton: RabiehFightwear will be on sale on Friday.

Come learn with the Best TEAM MIRZA www.jordanjiujitsu.com

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