Head 2 Head Grappling Presents Supreme Grappling Tournament in Wall, NJ



This event was started to give grapplers in the tri-state area an opportunity to compete in an event that isn’t very far away and doesn’t break the bank like some of the much bigger tournaments. 

Our goal is to run a respectable tournament that brings in some of the best grapplers from the tri-state area.


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NEW TEAM POINT COMPETITION – The more grapplers from a school that compete the greater chances of winning. First place team recieves $750.


Upcoming event is June 26th, 2010


Women compete for half price


Brown Belts and Black Belts compete in Gi division for free if they refer 5 or more grapplers


8 matted areas


Facility has full lockers rooms with sauna and showers


Snack Bar


Focused on getting quality and well respected referees


Night before weigh ins available from 6pm to 8pm


Discount with online registration


Many matches are filmed and posted right to the Head 2 Head Combat website


This gi and no-gi event will have divisions for teens, men, and women


First match starts approximately at 10:30 AM


Teen Division ages 14-17

Adult Division 18+

Masters Division 30+



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