Heat FC 2 Evolution

HEAT FC 2-"Evolution" warmed up the Brazilian Northeast Place: Machadinho Gymnasium in Natal – RIO GRANDE DO NORTE

Thursday, December 19th, it was time for Brazilian MMA action through Heat FC 2 -‘Evolution’. Rumors of a premature end and the postponement from November 27th to December 18th due to torrential rains in the period prior to the first scheduled date – since the event would be held in an open air stadium – were not enough to stop the effort and the construction of a card. The Heat FC heavyweight champion, Carlos Barreto (BTT) was beaten by the Yankee challenger, Travis Wiuff,via unanimous decision in a methodical fight. Barreto did not develop his stand up game, while Wiuff came to fight with – an already spoken – methodical strategy that was enough to win. Wiuff did not have power on his ground and pound tactics, however with short-punches to the face of Barreto when the fight was on the ground, he opened up cuts on the two eyebrows of Barreto. A bleeding Barreto had to adopt a tactic of pulling to the guard and trying sweeps, shoulder-locks, triangles and armbars which were very well defended by Wiuff during the three rounds. Wiuff still got to body-slammed in a tired Barreto in the last of the three rounds, that elsewhere tried his last attempt to win with an armbar. No way out, Wiuff dominated and won by unanimous decision. In what was being anticipated as an epic battle between the RVT member Gustavo "Ximu" Machado and the BTT representative Allan Goes had a pitiful end. The referee, Evilasio Feitosa, made a mistake by stopping the fight while the fighters were on the mat around 7:45 of R1. So Goes fitted an armlock while "Ximu" stopped his action, then "Ximu" tapped out to Goes to stop too, but Goes got-up from the mat celebrating the victory. This was reason for a lot of complaints from both camps, who did not agree with what had happened, while the referee tried to explain. Goes, in a bad attitude, solved this by taking off his gloves and not fighting any more. So "Ximu" was declared the winner by verbal submission. The tonic of the fight was a technical match, where "Ximu" was better on the feet with two good low-kick on Goes’ legs and both showed a game of respect when the fight was in the ground. Goes had a good game on the bottom and any mistake made by "Ximu" would lead to an armbar by Goes. Unhappily and for the bad-luck of the three very competent promoters (Conrado Carlos, Miguel Webber and Eduardo Alonso), who had a big effort to make a solid card; the fight between Goes and "Ximu" did not have the final result and the pace that everybody was expecting. Two Brazilian veterans also showed their tools to beat young opponent on their matches: the first one was the headcoach of GRACIE Barra-BH, Vinicius "Draculinho" Magalhaes, who was making his MMA debut at 33 years old. "Draculinho" worked with good low-kicks on Kleber Galdino’s legs and got to avoid the better pucnhes of Galdino. When "Draculinho" had the opportunity to take the fight to the ground, he did not delay on doing that and submit Galdino by arm-triangle. The other MMA veteran who performed well was Ebenezer "PitBull" Fontes Braga (RVT), who in contrast to "Draculinho"; Fontes already has more than 15 fights in his careerl. However his opponent, Eric Wanderley, gave Braga a hard time in the first round when after he cut Braga’s eye with some without-technique punches, he made a flying-kick -ala Hayato Sakurai-, and it landed Braga’s body, who felt and fell immediately making the guard position. After this little fright in the end of first round, the ‘uncle’ Braga dominated the two other rounds with heavy-low kicks which made Wanderley unable to walk for the rest of the night. The American HEAT FC sensation, Forrest Griffin, made a funny ring entrance; dressing the cap and the sack of Santa-Claus. But this hilarious part of Griffin stayed out when he stepped up on the ring. Forrest had a less-hard fight versus the Nova Geracao fighter, Edson "Paredao". They closed the distance early and exchanged some strikes on the feet, "Paredao" went to the bottom and after no action on the ground, the referee put them on the feet and they re-started the second and fatal exchange of bombs for "Paredao", who was KO’d at 1:04 of first round. After the fight; Griffin was feeling a lot of pain on his left arm and he had to go to the hospital because he had broken it when "Paredao" landed his bomb during the ultimate trade of blows and Forrest blocked it breaking the arm, totally ouch! Full results: Dinart Silva (Kimura) def. Charles Andrade (Gracie Barra-PB) by unanimous decision Vinicius "Draculinho" Magalhaes (Gracie Barra-BH) def. Kleber Galdino (Kimura) by arm-triangle at 4:55 of R1 Fabio "Bolinho" (Kimura) vs. Sergio Junior (Kombate Real) – draw Alexandre "Vaca" (Kimura) def. Marcelo "Uriapuru" Azevedo (Gracie Barra-BH) by unanimous decision Forrest Griffin (The HardCore Gym) def. Edson "Paredao" (Nova Geracao) by KO at 1:04 of R1 Ebenezer "PitBull" Fontes Braga (RVT) def. Eric Wanderley (Gracie Barra-BH) by unanimous decision Gustavo "Ximu" Machado (RVT) def. Allan Goes (BTT) by forfeit[verbal tapout] at 7:45 of R1 Travis Wiuff (Dave Menne Combat) def. Carlos Barreto (BTT) by unanimous decision

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