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We are growing like crazy these days at OTM and we need some help to continue promote the sports we love.  Times have really changed and there is so much going on these days we just cant do it all ourselves, the sport has gown too big. There is too much to cover.

Here is your chance to be a part of the crew getting you in on all the inside action with the sport.  Your dream job is here!  Can you imagine working and making money in the same field as your life’s passion? We need some good people from all over the world to help keep the site updated and growing.

Mat Rats Wanted!

Are you the guy that never leaves your school? Knows everything going on and is also kinda a internet geek?  We need you to be your school’s unofficial representative. We need you to post us everything that is going on; belt promotions,  new school hours, team results from events, any think you instructor wants posted up. We need on of you in every major gym in the world.

This is not really a position. It is a lifestyle and only requires the love of Mat Time! This position is set up like a sponsored fighter. It is good for anyone that wants to leverage the OTM job tittle to get free training, free competing, free trial gear and more free stuff.  This position is to help the guy that cant get enough Jiu Jitsu get some more. 

This job pays in Free OTM gear you got to rep the brand hard. We cover your tournament fees when ever we can. Free event tickets to what ever is going on. You will also get to do product reviews and test new sample equipment.

Local Area Brand Distributor

This person would set up booths at local events and sell OTM products for a profit at events world wide.

If you are interested in applying for any or all of the positions. please send PM message here on the site or email me Scotty at On the with your details, resume, and questions.


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