Heroes Sub 1 – Submission Only Tournament | San Jose, CA | Saturday, January 26th

Heroes Submission Only Tournament


When:  January 26, 2013


Where:  Heroes Martial Arts 460 South Market St San Jose CA 95113


Why:  The ultimate goal in Jiu Jitsu is not to win on points!  The Ultimate Goal is to try to finish your opponent.  Round robin format, so everyone gets lot of matches and mat time, no time limit finals!


Register here:  http://www.strongvon.com/heroessubonly/


Details:  Gi tournament!  Maximum of 12 per division, competitors in each division will be split into two groups if more than five in a division.  Each competitor will fight every other competitor in their respective group.


10 minute time limit, submission only.


Submission = 5 points


Draw = 1 point


Submitted = 0 points



Top two competitors per division with the most points will square off in a NO TIME LIMIT, SUBMISSION ONLY MATCH for victory!


Uniform restrictions, legal/illegal submissions and moves will follow IBJJF standard.


 Belt Ranking White / Blue / Purple


(Brown and above contact for super fight possibilities)




Weight Divisions (Weigh in anytime during day, without gi)


Male:  135 / 145 / 155 / 170 / 185 / 205 / 225 / Over


Female:  120 / 145 / Over


Cost:  $40 before January 15th  $60 after January 15th


Official Schedule will be released Jan 21st.  Order will be Purple, Blue then White



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