How The Internet Can Help You Reach Your Grappling Goals!

 With so much technology around us, it’s quite mind blowing when you think of all the content for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu that’s out there literally at our fingertips!

From elite black belts to some of the best matches, to e-books, there is quite literally a plethora of resources to use, in order to improve your game. One online resource we can give you is David Avellan’s thoughts on basics,

While some may be skeptical, given its lack of a “hands on” approach to training, there is no doubt plenty of benefits that can be found for someone looking to use the internet and search engines as a means of training.

Adding Discipline & Structure To Your Schedule

There’s no denying that “life happens” causing us to miss out on some crucial training time on the mat!  Those precious hours can add up, and given the amount you can learn in that time frame, you’re leaving a lot out on the table when you are unable to attend a class.

However, by leveraging the internet to your advantage, you suddenly are adding a useful tool that can help you avoid the issues that would arise when you miss a class.

For instance, I’m willing to bet that your class or instructor has some sort of online resource that will allow you to access the curriculum, and a detailed breakdown of the techniques.  By simply logging onto the website, you can access the daily technique, allowing you to maintain the pace of your peers. 

By doing so, you’re making sure that you stay honest to your training.  It’s very easy to just shrug your shoulders and continue missing a class every other week, but by discipline yourself to take time out of your schedule to study these moves so you aren’t totally left behind shows true dedication to the sport.

Simply put, if you’re willing to take time out of your own schedule, it will only pay off in the long run when you are able to get back on the mat.

Learning At Your Own Rate

Another added benefit that using the internet to train offers is the process of learning itself.  It’s all too common to jump into a class and learn a new technique of which you are a little unsure about.

The instructor could be moving at a slightly quicker pace than what you are used to, and it can be somewhat intimidating trying to stop the instructor to ask questions.  These issues are very common and happen in almost every gym in the country! Just look on the internet BJJ training programs are everywhere!

Rather than just brushing it under the rug and chalking it up as the “I’ll ask next time,” approach, when you get home, you can make sure that those questions you had at the gym can be answered!

Given the vast amount of resources out there for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, it’s almost impossible to think that the question you have can’t be answered.

This allows you to learn what you want, when you want, in a few different ways.  Some people learn better when they see an example, while others prefer to see it in writing or in other ways.  By having both of these approaches at your disposal, you are now seeing the technique from a few different angles, allowing you absorb more information.

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