How To Do The Americana/Keylock 5 Super-Cool Different Ways

The Many Awesome Variations Of The Americana/Keylock

Professor Dennis Asche of Connection Rio Academy Bend Oregon demonstrates a variation of the Americana/Keylock

The Americana / Keylock from side control is perhaps the simplest submission a beginner can learn. But the basic Americana does not end there!

Today, Jiu-jitsu Times showedsome lesser-known and some unorthodox ways to attack the shoulder joint with the same essential joint lock. Here they are…

Surprise BJJ attack – submission from underneath side control

This move breaks a BJJ rule that says you can not submit from an inferior position. Attacking with a surprise Americana can create space for you to escape from side control.

Kesa Gatame Leg Americana and Armlock

This is one of the few attacks that you can perform from kesa gatame without having to transition to side control.

“Leg-lace Americana” from bottom side control

The “Spider Ninja” shows yet another one of his innovative “twists” (figuratively and literally!) on existing BJJ techniques.

Frank Mir talks the “Pete Williams arm lock” (time 2:20)

UFC fighter Frank Mir pulled this submission off in an MMA bout years ago.

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