How to survive the The Arnold Schwarzenegger Gracie World Submission Championships

This was originally for 2005 year’s Arnold but nothing has changed. You know we had to do it…….If you’re in Columbus this weekend this is a must read.


How to survive the The Arnold Schwarzenegger Gracie World Submission Championships Event:

Though the Arnold’s is run like a three ring circus of confusion and mayhem, it is an opportunity for Midwest guys to get on the mat and get some fights in. It is also a chance to see some of the top fighters in the world. The promoters are again trying to make the proper changes. But, we`ll see what happens. I have put together a little guide to help survive the Arnolds and be prepared to fight well.

Pre-register:  The Arnold’s is such a mess you need get to be prepared ahead of time. Going ahead and getting yourself in the system will save you some time when you get there. The pre-register line is still going to be a long slow moving process but nothing like the other line. You are going to find that waiting around is part of the experience of the Arnold Gracie event.

Booking your hotel: Try to get as close as you can. Don`t believe anything you read on the web about shuttles and vans. Call the hotel and confirm you will be able to get a ride there and confirm that the shuttles are running all the time. If they say they have an hourly shuttle then figure it will be every few hours. If they say it is free then figure it will cost a few bucks. Also, see what time the shuttle stops running at. The event is notorious for running till late at night. Renting a car is cool but parking is a bitch and the tow truck drivers are hard at work so read the signs. Cabs are very expensive and busy.

The Event: Bring a Pillow.  Seriously, there will time to sleep. I suggest bringing a pillow and whatever else you need to be comfortable resting on the floor. There is no way to avoid this. There are just too many fights and the schedule is a joke. Bring everything you might need; like food, water, and entertainment. It can get boring watching matches all day long or waiting for promoters to arrive and the event to start.

Rules Meeting:  You have to go to the rules meetings. The rules are close to the usual Jiu Jitsu rules, but there are some crazy changes and they seem to change every year too. So you need to know the rules. I suggest start out knowing the standard CBJJ rules and then learning the new special changes. I wish I could list the rules right here for you, but I can`t. While at the rules meetings make note of which referees showed up to the rules meetings. Last year, only 2 referees showed up to see the changes and to hear peoples questions and concerns. There is a slight chance that if one of the refs that showed up to the meeting, he then might actually apply these rules to your actual fight. But, then again maybe not! The rules meetings were actually really well done last year; too bad only two refs, few coaches, and very few competitors showed up. However, if we didn`t have to have special rules then the rules meetings wouldn`t be mandatory. No one could really explain why we needed these special rules other than the standard answer you are going to hear all weekend long, "because the promoter said so!" That will be the end of the conversation. Logic is not very important at this event. Be prepared for chaos as every warrior should.

Weigh-Ins:  Last year there was about a 5 pound difference between the scales we used. There is always going to be a difference between scales unless you only use one scale, and that would be impossible. In fact they could have used more scales to keep the line moving. So if you are overweight on one scale try the other scales you might just make weight.

Getting to the event: Well you are dammed if you do or dammed if you don`t. I would say get there on time, because last year at the begging of the day the promoters were sticking to the schedule. Well, I mean the order of the divisions. As far as starting on time, history has shown this to be an impossible task for the promoters, not the staff who last year were there and ready. If I had to bet I am going to guess the event starts late again. Remember, bring pillow and be ready to rest. Save your energy to fight.

The Schedule:  I really don`t know what to say about this. Since the promoters need to do all the bracketing by hand to ensure that no one from the same team fights each other. The promoters have no way to realistically estimate the timing needed to create the schedule. They use the traditional system of scheduling practiced in Brazil for years, I was told. When I suggested a modern one like you might see at other high level events. I was told the promoters were experienced with this system for years. This lack of being able to accurately calculate times leads to a "make it work system." That estimates times, not calculating them. Luckily, the promoters are flexible and they can change the schedule around when they need too. So while you are resting on your pillow or standing in line to get something to eat make sure to listen to the announcers for the scheduling changes.

Warming Up:  Have a plan on how to warm up. Bring a jump rope or whatever you like. Don`t plan on having a nice big mat to roll around on. Most likely they will not be there or they will be so crowed it will not allow for a good warm up. When should you warm up? This is another tough one to call. Warming up and then cooling back off can really drain your energy and you can loose focus. Not being warm in your first fight can be a big disadvantage too. Well, only two guys in every division fight first, so I would wait till you see your division or see the division before you ending before you warm up. Note: If you see the division before yours ending, make sure your division is next. See – The Schedule above. Referees Before you are actually up to fight check the ref on the mat. Was he at the rules meeting? Watch some fights to see how he is scoring them. Is he using the special rules or is he tired and refereeing with the rules we are all used to? The later in the event it is the more likely you will see the normal CBJJ rules enforced. This is just natural; as people get tired they tend to go in to autopilot. We all do this. You might want to check if the referee even seems to speak English or not. Ask your opponent before you fight "Hey, who do you train with?" If his instructor seems to be the referee too then ask for a change in referee and don`t accept that there are no other referees. If the referee is from the same team be skeptical, and maybe ask for a change too. If the referee is from the same team as your opponent then work extra hard to not let who wins the fight to be determine by this referee for obvious reasons. These referees for the most part are trying hard and working long hours for little or no pay. So be respectful. Remember, most likely they were given the same static answer as to why the special rules are you were. "Because the promoter said so!"

Matches:  Try to sub all your guys not hurt anyone else and be sportsman like. There are1000s of people watching and with the event on the main floor we need to try to represent our sport well. Remember there will be current and potential sponsors watching. Good Luck. When you get a bad call or even if you flat out get robbed keep your cool. It is your own fault, you knew before you even signed up that the event is famous for that. So don`t throw a temper tantrum. Ladies,  I don`t even have any suggestions for you. Last year was so disrespectful I don`t know what to tell you. Maybe a constant reminder to the promoters that you paid to fight just like the boys might help. Don`t be patient and sit waiting quietly. Last year they started to clean up before your division got to fight. And, waiting 8 hours after you were told at noon was just disrespectful.

Volunteers:  There are lots of them at the Arnolds. So be nice to them all. If they seem short with you or rude, just eat it. They have been doing there best all day and they are dealing with all kinds of illogical systems, poor planning and dealing with the public in general sucks too. If it was not for them imagine how bad the event really would be.

Celebrities:  These self-absorbed douche bags should not be encouraged. Despite the promoters love of their visits to the mat they really serve no other purpose than to disrupt the event. Do not encourage them in anyway. If you do then your day will just be that much longer and that much chaos and for what a silly picture with a has been start. Didn`t you go to the event to fight? Event sponsors Make sure to support these people because with out them our sport will never grow. Bring a few extra bucks and get something cool. Those of you that are sponsoring the event again deserve medals for your support of the sport.

Jackass of the event:  You are going to see a tall fat idiot running around with glasses on, like he runs the place spewing out self-fulfilling orders at everyone with no respect for anyone. This poor guy has had a tough life, he is ugly and most likely neglected his whole life. So he uses this one opportunity as his only way to feel important or powerful for one weekend a year. Just let him. He is fond of spinning tales of almost submitting world champions and undefeated records back in Brazil. He helps himself feel important deciding which volunteers deserve food and which don`t. He also gets to drive a van and determine who he lets ride on it and doesn`t. He plays a very important position in the event and he will be happy to tell you all about it if given the chance.

Promoters:  I`d like to wish the promoters good luck this year. I hope they learned that they didn`t know everything and they didn`t have everything under control. I hope you are more open minded that last year. I hope they have grown from the many many mistakes they made last year and they can do an even that our sport can be proud off. I hope their new location and system improve things measurably. GOOD LUCK!

Other Events:  The Arnold houses many different events under the convention center, from Fitness to Weightlifting competitions. Two events are of particular interest and run by promoters who care about the sport and care about you. As long as you are there, please support them!

Hook & Shoot is holding and event March 4th at All-Stars Family Sports Entertainment Center.

Main Event Aaron Riley vs Andrew Chappelle ***********************************************

Semi-Main Event Dan "Pennsylvania Hitman" Swift vs Ira "Hurricane" Boyd **************************

Under card Nick "Hulk" Ollberding vs Chris Herring

Eddie Moreno vs Shaun Krysa

Dustin Hazellet vs Jake Whitfield

Greta Hicks vs Jen Case

Heath Pedigo vs. Andy Majors

Kellyn Huehn vs Victoria

Remington Jamie Toney vs Courtney Ray

Billy Rush vs Paul Sharp

Also, the Ohio Pro Am Circuit is holding their The Arnold Classic Amateur Mixed Martial Arts Tournament Greater Columbus Convention Center Columbus, OH March 6th, 2005 Hello, On March 6th, 2005 the Arnold Classic Fitness Expo will be hosting the first ever Amateur Mixed Martial Arts competition.

This is the first time an amateur competition of this scale has been done in the U.S. Promoters and match makers of such circuits as the Freestyle Fighting Championships (F.F.C.), Reality Combat, Hook & Shoot, Iron Heart Crown, Shooto Americas and others will be in attendance looking for new talent to sign to Professional Contracts.

This tournament is strictly for Amateur competitors!!! Anyone with a professional fight of any kind, in any other "combat sport", will not be allowed to compete.

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