Howard Combat Kimono All Comers Tournament

“Frank Trigg is the worst referee ever in the history of refereeing.”

Actually Frank is a good referee, but he seemed to want me to say that in this report.“Frank Trigg is the worst referee ever in the history of refereeing.” Actually Frank is a good referee, but he seemed to want me to say that in this report. He’s so tough, he paints his toenails. Think I’m going to argue with the man?

Howard Liu decided to throw a tournament with a few interesting twists from the norm of your standard Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournament. For starters, the event was refereed and staffed by members of the RAW (Real American Wrestling) gym, who by and large did an excellent job. This was important, because in Howard’s tournament takedowns were worth more or less points depending on where you landed. The rules were clearly explained and the refs did their job of enforcing the rules. Another major departure was that this was a double elimination tournament…all competitors were guaranteed at least two matches. More bang for your tourney buck, but despite the extra matches the tournament actually finished up well ahead of schedule.

The tournament was largely made up of white and blue belt competitors. Good action all around, the white belt level these days especially seems to be stepping up. The man of the tournament had to be Roy Dean out of Roy Harris`s academy who won the three man purple division in convincing fashion submitting both of his opponents, including the fastest submission via flying armlock in 15 seconds!

Modifications that were discussed for the next tournament include disallowing the slamming from the guard (I have to say I’m really against slamming from the guard because of the potential for injuries), and only allowing children to catch submissions for points (there were a lot of children competing).

An obvious highlight was Dave Camarillo came down to compete and support hit students (all three took first place by the way), but when there was no one to fight he fought his own brother Daniel in an exhibition match! While the brothers were looking to show off their jiu-jitsu/judo skills, it was also obvious there was more than a bit of sibling rivalry going on here as the two brothers sought to outdo each other. No taps here, but still some of the most exciting footage we’ve shot this year.

Friendly environment, finished on time, everyone saw plenty of action (Including my escapades with whom I’ve dubbed the “Evil” family later on that night. Sounds like a success to me! Looking forward to the next one.

Full results here:

HCK ALL COMERS TOURNAMENT Results, AUGUST 17 & 18, 2002 Kids 71-80 Men < 145 Men < 145 Men 166-175 Yellow belt White belt Blue belt Purple belt 1.Joseph Hernandez 1.Micah Schembri 1.Nhat Pham 1.Roy Dean 2.Kailen Rutherford 2.Craig Ishimaru 2.Michel Goffart 2.Dan Camarillo 3.Brian Harper 3.Isami Horiuchi 3.David Horlick

Kids 101-110 Men 146-155 Men 146-155 Most Technical Yellow belt White belt Blue belt Roy Dean 1.Jordan Collins 1.Ronald Romero 1.Tom Nguyen 2.Manuel Hernandez 2.Jose Hernandez 2.Alan Montoya Fastest Submission 3.Pamir Mateen Roy Dean

Kids 136-150 Men 156-165 Men 156-165 Yellow belt White belt Blue belt 1.Ryan King 1.Adrian Apodaca 1.Danilo Leon 2.Erik Romero 2.Gary Noche 2.Kei Maeda 3.Eddie Aguiire

Women 131-150 Men 166-175 Men 176-185 1.Coryell Holmes White belt Blue belt 2.Sara Furey 1.Alex Perez 1.Chris Lisciandro 3.Gabriella Rosendahl 2.Johnny Strong 2.Jared Rollins 3.Aaron Barringer 3.Dennis Asche

Men 176-185 Men 226+ White belt Blue belt 1.John Apodaco 1.Jason Cordero 2.Justin Wilken 2.Manny Rodriguez 3.Jake Moody 3.Robert Rodriguez

Men 186-195 Super Fight White belt Blue belt 1.Tim Fisher 1.Jared Rollins 2.Derek Johnson 2.Chris Lisciandro 3.Izzy Santos

Men 196-210 Men Masters 176-185 White belt Blue belt 1.Don Blackwell 1.Dhiro Yesufu 2.Harvey Harris 2.Darren Taylor

Men 211-225 White belt 1.Jason Dean 2.Cyrus Jackson

Men 226+ White belt 1.Drake Smith 2.Frederico Diaz 3.Dan Laboe

Men Masters 176-185 White belt 1.Michael Nishimura 2.James Kennedy 3.Dean Yamada

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