I hate day light savings

I really hate day light savings time. It makes no sense to me.  What’s the point? Can anyone tell me why we even have it? I’ll give a $100 gift certificate to whoever can tell me why we have it, and why it’s a good idea? and don’t say it is a sign summer is coming, because we have it in the fall too. 

Some people say it is so the farmers can have more day light in the morning. I have worked on a farm. We worked no mater what time it was light or dark.  Some people say it was to help the with war aid in WW2. Well i think that was long enough ago we can get over that too. 

According to Wiki, and this is important so pay attention.

The government of Kazakhstan cited health complications due to clock shifts as a reason for abolishing DST in 2005.

If Kazakhstan knows it sucks, why cant we figure it out?

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