I made it out with just this tiny cut.

I made it out of surgery ok. It took about an hour longer than they expected, because there was so much to clean up, mostly bits of disc material. 

I spent the next two days in the hospital. The fun started right when I woke up. I jumped awake and grabbed the nurse’s arm so hard that I almost pulled her in the bed with me. This startled her a bit and she gave out a bit of a scream. 

They got me drugged up pretty quick, but it was really still very uncomfortable. Not being able to eat solid food for the whole next two days sucked also. The soap they gave me wasn’t very tasty and it made me feel nauseous. And man did the drugs make me itchy!

Since I had surgery on my back, I had to lay face down to get cut open. In order to no crush my wind pipe, I had to have a tube rammed down my throat. Man, now I know how it feels to deep throat. I could hardly breath and swallowing was really painful. Yuck. 

The first day, I was in and out. I don’t remember much, other than my awesomest brother ever went and picked up Big Red at the airport.  As luck would have it, the new Patterdale Terrier hunting dog my friend Tony Riviotta sent me was coming on the same day. So Cade sent me some inspiring pics and a funny ass video. If you sent me a text that day, you might have gotten something crazy back. 

That night was really crazy. The PT people had come to get me up and walking around. I was surprised at how good I felt. The nice nurses let me know it was the drugs and I needed to take it easy. So I slowly made the rounds and talked to everyone on my floor. I was the only person under 60, so i felt right at home with my oldness. 

Later in the night my butt was numb, so I decided to take myself for a walk around the hospital floor.  No one stopped me, so I guess it was all good. I couldn’t feel anything, so I guessed it wasn’t hurting. Plus I was hurting just laying there tossing and turning not getting comfortable at all.

After my walk, my nurse for the night came in. He was a really cool guy into MMA and we talked for awhile. I told him how I was all itchy and that I couldn’t sleep or get settled. I had told him how they gave me a shot after the surgery to calm me down and it helped me get some rest. So he went to see if i could have more. They told me no I couldn’t, but that they would give me something else. At this time, anything would be good. I was scratching myself to death and was really restless. 

The nurse shot me up with a hot dose. It was really warm going in. Didn’t take too long to set in. I was hoping to finally get some needed sleep, but that didn’t happen. Instead, I got really loopy and started dreaming / hallucinating. Crazy stuff. I don’t remember it all, but I do remember thinking I was taking a shower, a nice hot shower. Only thing was my shower was also a parking lot. Yup, people were parking their cars in my shower and I was having to shower between them and dodge them as they parked. Yup, good shot just not good enough to take me out for the night.

Late in the night, I kinda remember going on another walk. This time, I only really remember cause in the morning a nurse came to check on me and told me how entertaining I was last night, when I came to talk to them twice. 

I know I was on drugs, cause they were nice, but not cute enough to warrant a second talking to. The day nurses were much better looking, but they were all really nice. 

Thanks to everyone who came to see me.  Thanks to everyone who left me nice messages. And a special thanks to the people who left mean messages.

Thanks to the person who sent me flowers. They were so pretty. Thanks man! 

I’m back home now. Laying around on my back, not to comfortable, but not that bad. I can walk a little and lay down a lot.  I can’t sit. Which makes taking #2 a pain.  Stop by if you are in the hood.

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