IBJJF Worlds 2015 Tournament Review

IBJJF Worlds 2015 Tournament Review will tell you how, at least the first day, of one of the biggest BJJ tournaments in the world went down in Long Beach.

The International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Federation is supposed to be one of the biggest and best tournaments runners on the planet. It attracts competitors from around the world but one has to wonder if the result is worth the price of admission.

IBJJF uses many competitors and officials to have a smooth running tournament, but that was non-existent on the first day of the tournament that runs four days long. The computers were down from the beginning of the day leaving most of the brackets to be ran off of paper and using human error at its best. Multiple instances people went well over two hours after their brackets were supposed to start which left athletes getting cold after warming up and waiting.

That was not the only issue that the tournament failed to produce. The event ran by people instead of computers even had mistakes as big as having two people that were not supposed to fight at all facing off in a match that ended up not mattering as both people had to fight all over again. This meant they had to fight an extra match in brackets that produced well over 100 people in each division.

Given this is a tournament with a lot riding on the line but there also seemed to be an overabundance of people getting hurt. That could obviously be a product of people not bowing out graciously and feigning an injury to save their pride, but many people were unable to walk away from the tournament mats on their own volition.

Still the name IBJJF breeds competition and if you want the best fight you can get this is the tournament to do so. Just do not expect anything better than a tournament that is ran any better than anything you have went to regardless of price. The same issues still persist which is unfortunate. I cannot comment past what happened on the first day since that was the only day I went to watch and compete int he tournament.

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